Project Guide

10 Sizzling Hot Outdoor Fire Pit Spaces

Gas Fire Pit Ideas
High-back patio furniture next to a gas fire pit.

High-back outdoor dining chairs, side tables and a gas fire pit with a built-in table create the perfect spot to enjoy a light evening meal or post-dinner nightcap.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit
Circular wood-burning metal fire pit beside outdoor furniture.

If you love the smell of smoke but prefer indoor living, place a cauldron-style fire pit on the patio. Cauldron-style fire pits burn wood slowly, so make sure there's plenty of comfortable seating for a long evening of relaxing.

Modern Fire Pit
Modern rectangular stone fire pit on a patio.

Modernize your outdoor space with sleek metal furniture and a rectangular fire pit with the look of polished gray stone or marble. Up the drama by replacing traditional heat-resistant rocks with black lava or colorful glass chips. 

Conversation Fire Pit
Built-in, stone fire pit and seating combination.

Enjoy the radiating warmth of a semi-enclosed outdoor conversation fire pit. Curved stone walls create both privacy and extra seating. Add lots of plump outdoor pillows and cushioned patio furniture for spacious comfort around the fire.

Back-to-Nature Fire Pit
Ground fire pit surrounded by adirondack chairs.

Create a rustic look in your backyard with a ground level flagstone or brick-lined fire pit. Choose outdoor furniture in natural wood tones for a mountain cabin look. 

Chimenea Fire Pit
Terracotta chimenea fire pit in the corner of a stone courtyard.

Warm up the corner of a stone-walled deck or patio with a chimenea-style fire pit. It provides a focal point without being the center of attention. Pick a rustic terracotta finish and pair it with flowering plants in complementary planters.  

Upscale Campfire Pit
Round, metal wood-burning fire pit on a paver patio.

For a new twist on everyone's favorite gathering spot, start with a circular wood-burning fire pit in a bronze or cast iron finish. Pair it with a deep-cushioned sectional and tall greenery for a woodsy feel.


Tabletop Fire Pit
Tabletop fire pit on a patio dining table.

Put outdoor dining in a new light with a tabletop fire pit. The dancing flames double as both outdoor lighting and a unique table centerpiece. Make the evening complete with food, drinks and good friends.  

Zen Fire Pit
Round fire pit sitting on river pebbles.

A beautiful meditation and relaxation spot starts with a small portable fire pit centered on river rock pebbles or gravel. Zen out with lots of lush greenery and a bit of sparkle from silver candle holders.

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas
Someone building a fire pit using pavers.

Turn an empty outdoor area into a statement piece by making your own small or large fire pit. See our DIY step-by-step guide for building one of the best fire pit design ideas using stackable stone blocks.

Tip: After you create your outdoor fire pit space, make sure to add great accessories such as campfire popcorn poppers, roasting skewers, a safety fire screen and a weather-resistant cover.