Project Guide

What to Plant for Spring

Select a Location with Full Sun

Select an area in full sun, with soil rich in organic matter that drains well. Weed the area and rake smooth.

Sow the Seeds

Sow the seeds according to the depth and spacing indicated on the package. Cover with soil and lightly tamp down. Do not cover seeds that need light to germinate.

Mist then Water

Water with a light mist after planting.

Water the seedbed daily, keeping it moist, until seeds have germinated. Then water every other day. Once plants are 4-6 inches tall, they need one inch of water per week.

Thin Plants

Thin plants growing too closely together. Keep the area weeded.


Mulch the seedbed or plants with two inches of a light mulch, such as straw, in areas that get freezing temperatures. Remove mulch when seeds germinate.

How to Protect Seedlings

Cover seeds or seedlings with row covers or burlap to keep them from washing away or being flattened from hard rain. Shade cloth protects tiny seedlings if the sun gets too hot.