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5 of Our Best Tips for Outdoor Entertaining This Summer

A Place for Everyone
Brown dining table and chairs on patio

Make sure you have enough seating, whether it’s chairs, benches or sofas. A garden stool will work as seating for some as well. If you have raised beds or planters that are 18 inches high and deep enough, they can also double as seating.

Give your seating extra oomph with a pillow refresh this summer. Look for new patterns and statement pillows for a fresh look in easy-to-clean fabrics that resist fading.

Keep It Cool
Outdoor sofa and white umbrella on patio

Keep the sun’s heat at bay with a patio umbrella, especially a cantilever umbrella. Your icy drinks will taste even cooler and last longer when the sun is on the other side of the umbrella. Bringing a mobile bar cart outside can also help make sure everyone stays hydrated, whether they're dancing with the graduate, celebrating the birthday boy or more. 

Light It Up
String lights over outdoor chairs on a patio

Light up your outdoor party with string lights for a soft ambience. Perfect for backyard parties, string lights can add a level of fun and elegance all at the same time. Remember to light the pathways around your home with landscape lighting powered by LEDs.

Bring the Harvest to the Table
Pots of fresh herbs on an outdoor patio

Show off your green thumb when you cook fresh edibles like herbs and vegetables from your garden. “Garden” can mean the pot of basil by the front door or your own vine-ripened tomatoes or watermelon.

Keep pots of rosemary and thyme by the grill, and if you have a sunny patio, try growing jalapenos and other chilies. Check out the Garden Club recipe for homemade herb butter to flavor grilled steak.

Keep Bugs Away
Tiki torches in a flower bed by a paver path

Don’t put up with uninvited guests like mosquitoes, flies and gnats. Keep pests away from your friends and your feast with a collection of insect repellent products.

You can keep a basket of insect repellent sprays near the door and place citronella candles and insect zapper lanterns throughout your space. Tiki torches bring party flair and the scent of citronella to protect the perimeter of your party.

Hosting a backyard party is made easier when you have all the right supplies. Whether you need the right furniture or garden accessories, The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them.