Ideas & Inspiration

Bar Cart Ideas

Use String Lights
A bar cart decorated with string lights.

Create some ambient lighting in the room or let your bar cart sparkle and shine by decorating with string lights. They’re easy to add or remove when desired, so you can illuminate your space for any occasion.

Mobile Plant Stand
A bar cart near a dining table has a plant for decoration.

Bar cart accessories don’t need to be bar-related. It’s common to have plants around the home, so let your bar cart double as a plant stand when it’s stashed away and not being used for entertaining.

Add Height with Vases
A bar cart with glass vases for flowers and candles.

Consider how you would decorate your table or serving area when deciding how to style a bar cart. Candles or vases with flowers placed alongside the canapes or dessert offerings can add a touch of elegance to your spread.

Streamers for Celebrations
A festive banner decorates a bar cart for game day,.

Create a bit of whimsy to a classic gold-toned bar cart or tea trolley. Let streamers, string lights or a banner commemorate an event and add to your celebratory decor.

Modern Look
A bar cart has a modern look with the sharp lines of a red metal frame.

A modern bar cart can support a minimalist’s styling. The chic design might be all the styling a bar cart needs in order to have a contemporary vibe in your space.

Moveable Side Table
A gold bar cart with a small pineapple lamp on its shelf.

Most bar carts aren’t used daily for their intended function. Look for bar cart decor ideas that blend in with or help create the room’s decor when the piece is off-duty. A vintage bar cart with a complementing lamp can serve as a side table when there isn’t a gathering.

Stand-Alone Character
A bar cart with an industrial look and under-shelf storage for glassware.

As with other furniture pieces, some bar carts have enough character to stand alone without decoration. A farmhouse bar cart or one with an industrial look become their own design element in a room and don’t need much embellishment to have an impact.

Decorate with Must-Haves
A bar cart with bar accessories including an ice bucket, shaker and decanter.

Keep up the theme and let bar accessories decorate a bar cart. The aesthetics of usable items such as decanters, shakers and ice buckets can add form and function to an already versatile bar cart.

Trays for Protection
A gold bar cart with a wooden tray on the top shelf.

Add a trendy tray or multiple trays to create organization for barware on your cart and protect the bar’s surface from spills or from beverage dispensers.

Useful in Other Rooms
A bar cart used as a night stand in a bedroom.

Bar cart decor ideas aren’t limited to the entertaining areas of your home. Say “so long” to a traditional nightstand in the bedroom and decorate a four-wheeled wonder with good books, favorite photos, beautiful flowers and great art. When placed in the kitchen, a bar cart can be decorated with cookbooks or colorful dishes to add character to the room.

Wine Racks for Visual Interest
A bar cart with a built-in wine rack and under-shelf storage for stemware.

Display the artistic labels of wine bottles placed upright on the bar cart or arrange your collection in a shelf-top wine rack or one that’s fixed to the cart itself. Under-shelf holders for wine glasses free up shelf space on the trolley and add visual interest.

Outdoor Bar Carts
An outdoor bar cart with a wicker finish and folding shelves.

Bar cart ideas aren't limited to the inside. Freshen up an al fresco bar cart with flowers cut from your garden when entertaining on your patio. Try string lights for evening parties and add functional decoration to an outdoor bar cart that illuminates the serving area.

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