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Best Kitchen Gadgets to Complete Your Kitchen

Two pairs of orange-handled kitchen tons on a kitchen towel.

Tongs are among the best kitchen utensils for serving foods. 

  • Use them to toss salads, turn meats on a barbeque grill, remove chicken from a frying pan or even grab items on tall shelves. 
  • Spring-loaded mechanisms let you close the tongs for easy storage or hanging. Some have latches to keep them closed. 
  • Tongs may be made from durable stainless steel or stainless steel with heat-resistant silicone tips to protect your cookware and grip foods securely. Most are dishwasher safe.
  • Fishbone tweezers are ideal for gourmet chefs who need to remove bones from fish and feathers from poultry.
  • Spatula-types combine tongs with a spatula to easily turn and lift foods.
  • Wooden tongs remove hot toast from toasters and handle thin-sliced tomatoes and other easily-broken foods. 
  • Tongs made from heat-resistant polycarbonate are useful on steam tables, salad bars or wherever hot dishes are served.
Cutting Boards
Sliced bread, cheese and other foods on cutting boards on a kitchen counter.

Cutting boards protect countertops when you cut meats, fruits, vegetables or breads. 

  • Some cutting boards are designed to fit over kitchen sinks to make clean-up easier. Others have skid-resistant feet to keep them firmly in place on countertops.
  • Wood cutting boards are usually made from hardwoods. Some are reversible. Grooved boards catch run-off meat juices and other liquids. 
  • If you enjoy making pie and pastries, look for a cutting board marked with diameters for making crusts. 
  • Boards cut in novelty shapes or decorated with logos make fun gifts.
  • Granite cutting boards are heavy and durable. Their rich colors give kitchens an upscale look. 
  • Bamboo cutting boards are strong and eco-friendly. 
  • Most polyethylene and food-safe plastic cutting boards are dishwasher-safe, warp resistant and resistant to deep cuts. Some have raised sides to catch messes. Different colors are available, so you can use one color for raw meats and others for vegetables or breads.
A blue metal colander filled with berries on a kitchen counter.

Don’t forget a colander when you’re shopping for the best kitchen tools for prep work. 

  • Some plastic colanders are collapsible for storage and some are available in different sizes that nest together. 
  • Look for two handles for easy lifting. A one-handled colander is one of the best kitchen gadgets for measuring and pouring. Some models without handles are made to rest on the edges of kitchen sinks.  
  • Copper-plated colanders are beautiful additions to the kitchen and popular with professional cooks and chefs.
  • Colanders with legs or resting bases keep the contents away from drained liquids.
  • Large-hole colanders drain quickly while those with small holes or mesh-like holes are ideal for draining pasta, berries and other small foods.
Someone using scissors to cut up foods in a kitchen.

Scissors are practical kitchen gadgets that handle every kind of cooking chore from opening plastic packages to cutting up poultry.

  • Because scissors are kitchen essentials, some are available as in sets with different sizes for various uses. Many have comfortable grip handles.
  • Small kitchen scissors are useful for snipping herbs.
  • Scissors with ergonomic handles are ideal for seniors and others who want classic kitchen gadgets that are easy to handle.
  • Some sharp shears and scissors come with protective covers to avoid accidental cuts. 
  • Some kitchen scissors have serrated teeth, thick blades and finger grips for heavy-duty use.
Measuring Spoons
Someone holding a set of measuring spoons.

Measuring spoons are basic kitchen tools for every home cook. 

  • Stainless-steel spoons are dishwasher safe and durable.
  • Oval-shaped spoons slip easily into jars with narrow necks, such as spice jars.
  • Some measuring spoons are attached to rings or bands to keep them together in kitchen drawers.
  • Some are marked in metric or standard US sizes.
  • Some sets include a 1/8-inch measuring spoon, which can be hard to find.
  • Measuring spoons with silicone handles offer a firm grip.
  • Spoons with tapered handles and/or flattened bottoms will sit upright on countertops.
  • Portioning spoons measure uniform servings for buffet lines and kitchen prep work.
  • China, porcelain and copper measuring spoons are available to match kitchen decor.
Food Processors
A food processor filled with cauliflower florets in a kitchen.

Cooks and foodies shopping for the best kitchen appliances for their budgets often choose food processors

  • Many multi-function food processors can dice, shred, juice, knead, chop, blend, puree and slice. 
  • Attachments like stainless steel discs, slicers and blades are usually safe for the dishwasher.
  • Large, removable work bowls for food processors can be some of the best food storage containers to use when you’re busy. Just pop their plastic lids on them and put them in the fridge.
  • Mini-food processors save counter space and make great gifts. They’re some of the best kitchen gadgets for single foodies and cooks with small kitchens.
  • Some processors come with spatulas, recipes, extra-large feed tubes and multiple speeds to make prepping vegetables and other foods quick and easy. 
Kitchen Scrapers and Spatulas
Someone using a nylon spatula to stir food in a frying pan.

Spatulas made of nylon, rubber, polyethylene, silicone, wood or stainless steel are some of the best kitchen utensils for budget-minded cooks.

  • Specialty spatulas let you serve pizza slices, turn delicate pieces of fish and drain foods as you lift them.
  • Look for spatulas with flat, angled or spoon-shaped blades, depending on the size and shape of the bowl you are using.
  • Silicone spatulas and kitchen scrapers are flexible and gentle enough to scrap bowls and pans without leaving scratches. 
  • Long-handled scrapers and spatulas reach into deep bowls.
  • Models with stainless steel handles often come with heat-resistant silicone heads.
Someone using a mandoline to slice foods into a cooking pot.

Mandolines are made of plastic or stainless steel and often come with changeable, adjustable blades. 

  • Cutting options may include shredders, straight/crinkle cut blades and fine or thick julienne blades. 
  • Built-in food pushers make it easy to guide foods through the mandoline. Some come with a food holder, safety cover and blade storage.
  • Some mandolines are designed with an oversized handle for a secure grip, as well as no-slip feet. 
  • Some standing models have foldable legs and food pushers that can be stored under the cutting surface to save space. Low profile mandolins can be stored in drawer.
Three metal whisks on a kitchen counter.

Whisks are useful kitchen gadgets that usually have stainless steel, wooden or silicone handles. 

  • Whisk heads covered in non-abrasive silicone won’t scratch bowls and pans and some come in bright colors or popular rose-gold.
  • Balloon whisks help aerate delicate meringues, creams and other foods.
  • Narrow whisks reach into deep containers. French whisks, 
  • Look for whisks with loops for hanging. 
  • Some whisks have heat-resistant handles so you can rest them on the sides of pots and pans. Many are dishwasher safe.
A glass, a container of strawberries and a blender filled with partially process strawberries and ice cubes on a kitchen counter.

Health-conscious cooks often consider blenders some of the best kitchen appliances for making smoothies and other low-cal beverages. 

  • Variable speeds and smart settings technology let you blend shakes, grind coffee beans, make salsas and more.
  • Optional features include a built-in timer, automatic shut-off, cord storage, a dispenser spout, detachable and dishwasher safe parts, LCD displays, locking lids and ice crushing buttons.
  • Some blenders have removable glass, stainless steel or plastic jars for serving or beverage or food storage.
  • No-slip countertop models have rubber feet or heavy bases to keep them secure.
  • Single-serve and personal blenders let you mix a drink to  go or prepare small quantities of nuts, cheeses and more.
  • Blenders are available in different sizes and capacities and with one to 20 speed settings. 
Salad Spinners
Someone using a salad spinner at a kitchen sink.

 A salad spinner is one of the best food prep containers for foodies who like fresh, leafy greens.

  • Spinners that come with serving bowls to catch the water from greens can also store them until you’re ready to assemble your salad or other dish.
  • Small salad spinners are easy to store in small kitchens.
  • Some spinners come with attachments for slicing, dicing, chopping and more and also handle herbs. Many have removable strainers.
  • Choose from models with retractable cords, cranks or knobs that make the bowl spin. 
Slotted Spoons
A slotted spoon resting on the side of a pot filled with pasta and boiling water.

Slotted spoons let you lift foods out of boiling water or other liquids and drain liquids from foods when you serve them at the table.

  • Look for wooden or silicone slotted spoons. Both materials are safe to use on most cookware. 
  • Ergonomic handles on slotted spoons make kitchen tasks easier on your hands and wrists.
  • Some spoons come in different colors and most are dishwasher safe.
Dutch Ovens
A blue Dutch oven with a lid on a stovetop burner.

Dutch ovens conduct heat efficiently and can cook almost any food. 

  • They can be made of cast iron, porcelain-enameled cast iron, cast aluminum, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Some models have non-stick surfaces and/or see-through lids.
  • Dutch ovens have two handles. Some also have wire bail handles for camping and hearth cooking. 
  • Lids with tips on the underside help liquids drip back onto foods to baste them. Some Dutch oven lids have an interior design that lets vapor condense and drip back down.
  • Some Dutch ovens come in colors to match your kitchen decor. The paint resists high-temperatures. Shapes vary from round to oval.
  • Dutch ovens with special induction plates can be used on any type of stove.
Rolling Pins
Someone using a marble rolling pin to roll out dough.

Rolling pins made of stainless steel, wood or marble let you flatten dough or pastry for pizzas, pies and more. 

  • Pins with removable silicone rings help you make perfectly shaped crusts that are the recommended 1/8-inch thick.
  • Some rolling pins come with wooden rests to keep them off the countertop when they’re not in use.
  • Marble pins keep dough cool while it’s being working. Their non-stick surfaces also help prevent dough from sticking.
  • Look for a rolling pin with comfortable, easy-grip handles.
  • Plastic rolling pins are made for working fondant and help keep it at a neutral temperature.
Hand Mixers
Someone using a hand mixer to stir the contents of a bowl.

Hand mixers can be some of the best kitchen mixers for cooks with limited counter space. 

  • Hand mixers are lightweight, easy to store in a drawer or cabinet and portable.
  • Many cooks consider multiple-speed hand mixers the best kitchen appliances for gourmet recipes. They can often handle anything from egg whites to bread dough.
  • Some hand mixers have swivel cords for right or left-handed use. 
  • Many stand mixers can whip, stir, whisk or mix ingredients and have dough hooks to knead dough. Some come with  splash guards and spouts to make adding ingredients easy. 
  • Some of the best kitchen mixers are stand models with glass or stainless steel bowls. 
  • Mixer bowls with air-tight lids are among the best food storage containers.
  • The best kitchen mixer for your needs may be available in a color or finish that matches your decor. Look for red, white, blue and other colors.
Immersion Blenders
An immersion blender, a whisk attachment, and two blender containers on a kitchen counter.

Immersion blenders with multiple speeds can handle a variety of kitchen chores, such as blending soups or mixing cake ingredients. 

  • Some immersion blenders have a turbo-boost feature for instant, extra power.
  • Some models come with dishwasher-safe tools to chop, whisk, blend and puree. 
  • While some immersion blenders are designed to use directly in a pot or pan, others come with mixing cups and/or preparation bowls.
  • Ergonomic handles make these blenders easy to hold.
  • Cordless, rechargeable models let you move easily around the kitchen.
  • Some immersion blenders are available in colors to match your cookware or decor.
  • Immersion blenders are easy to store and take up less space than blenders on stands.
Microplaners and Graters
Assorted graters on a cutting board with grated cheese, chopped pieces of chocolate and orange zest.

Microplaners and graters with fine holes are ideal for making dishes that need lemon or lime zest, finely grated cheese or minced garlic. 

  • Most graters have both fine and coarse holes for different foods. 
  • Different models can be placed over bowls, rested on kitchen counters, held in your hand or even placed directly over pizzas while you grate.
  • Look for comfortable grips on microplaners and easy to use cranks on rotary graters.
  • Microplane and other graters that come with safety covers help prevent accidental cuts.
  • Graters come in box shapes, curved shapes, compact mini grate-and-slice sets or in drum styles with cranks. 
Someone using a hand masher to mash potatoes in a bowl.

Mashers aren’t just for potatoes. They are some of the best kitchen tools for pureeing avocadoes and other vegetables into creamy dishes. 

  • Some mashers are sold as attachments for immersion blenders. 
  • Mashers are also available with wooden or stainless steel handles for single-hand use. 
  • Nylon masher heads prevent scraping and scratching cookware.
  • Some mashers are dishwasher safe. 
  • Look for a masher with a hole in the handle for hanging if storage space is tight.
Food Storage Containers
Food storage containers of different sizes and shapes, filled with pretzels and other foods, on a kitchen counter.

Clear glass containers are among the best food storage options for kitchens. 

  • Glass food storage containers with lids let you see what’s inside and keep out air, so foods stay fresher longer. 
  • Stackable storage containers save space on counters and in cabinets and refrigerators. 
  • Pourable bins and food containers with spouts are also some of the best food storage containers for busy kitchens. They allow children and others to easily pour or dispense their own cereals, snacks and more.
  • Food storage containers made from stainless steel and other materials come in different shapes, sizes and colors and many are attractive enough to keep on kitchen counters. 
  • Specialty containers provide some of the best food storage options for cupcakes, lunch foods, pastas, dry pet foods and other items.
  • Plastic bowls and boxes make some of the best food prep containers. Use them to store chopped carrots, sliced tomatoes and other vegetables until you’re ready to make salads or other dishes.