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Best Office Paint Colors for Productivity & Focus

Blooming Aster #PPL-23
BEHR paint color Blooming Aster

 This light blue is perfect for professional settings and an excellent alternative to off-white. Blue increases alertness and performance in attention-based tasks. This light shade is perfect for creating a low-stress environment.   

Dragonfly #PPU12-03
BEHR paint color Dragonfly

Choose a color that is invigorating without being overwhelming. Blue hues encourage concentration, and this bright blue pairs well with grey or orange accents to provide productive energy. It is a good choice for commercial offices and healthcare environments where attention is crucial to job performance.  

Colonial Brick #PPU2-13
BEHR paint color Colonial Brick

Red increases attention and physical activity. This muted red is an excellent wall shade that utilizes the energizing benefits of the color without overwhelming the workspace.  Subtle shades of red make good accents in showrooms or leasing offices to encourage sales.  

Ginger Root PPG1200-6
PPG paint color Ginger Root

Brighten the room and your employees’ moods with this soft orange. Orange stimulates energy and endurance. Muted orange feels welcoming and encouraging in breakrooms, commercial offices and reception areas.   

Moss Point Green PPG1121-6
PPG paint color Moss Point Green

 Channel peace, harmony and creativity with this deep green. Green reduces anxiety and eyestrain. Fast-paced professional environments can reap the calming effects of a deep green. Shades of green are especially appropriate for writers, designers and other creative employees.   

Ash Violet Flat #640F-5
BEHR paint color Ash Violet Flat

Evoke positivity and confidence with this purple-grey color. Greys are relaxed, blank spaces that create distraction-free environments, but too much grey correlates with dissatisfaction among staff. The addition of a purple hue to this color gives it enough vibrancy for a study or office.   

Faint Fawn PPG1089-4
PPG paint color Faint Fawn

Beige is a classic décor color because it is warm and inoffensive. Light browns and beiges pair well with almost every other color, meaning you can decorate your office as you please. Like most warm tones, soft brown is also energizing.   

Classic Silver #PPU18-11
BEHR Pro paint color Classic Silver

Combine sleek grey tones with blues for a stylish, impressive office. Grey enlarges spaces and gives the perception of modern business. Soft greys also give the eyes a place to rest if you have staff who spend most of the day on computers. Add color to a grey office with décor, furniture and accent walls to create a tranquil but attractive space.   

Hat Box Brown PPG1085-6
PPG paint color Hat Box Brown

Painting the office a warm brown is today’s version of wood-paneled walls. Deep, warm browns make a space feel cozy and comforting, keeping stress levels down. While brown does not have the same proven benefits for focus as blue and green, it does improve concentration.   

Office Paint Color Selection Tips
A commercial break room painted red


Off-white paints look dreary under fluorescent tubes, but give your office a warm glow in natural sunlight. This is because the fluorescent lights used in most offices are cool toned and blue tinged.  

Think about how the paint color you choose will look under the lights in your office. Cool lighting will enhance cool colors where warm colors will look best under warm lighting. 



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Offices are high-traffic areas, so pick a finish that resists wear. High-gloss and semi-gloss paints are more likely to stand up to stains and scratches. Your investment will last longer, and your paint will look clean.  


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