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Best Shrubs and Trees for Your Garden

Things to Consider When Planting Trees and Shrubs:
  • Sketch a plan of your house and landscape. Include any existing garden beds, borders, trees and shrubs.

  • Look for the light. Which direction does your home face? East means early morning sun and shade in the afternoon. The north side is coldest, so choose only the hardiest plants for that location. South and west are the hottest.

  • Plan for water. Do you have an irrigation system? Soaker hoses are efficient in planting beds.

  • Check plant tags for mature size, sun exposure and cold hardiness before buying. Allow enough space for mature growth. Don’t plant trees too close to power lines, underground pipes, your home’s foundation, walkways or other trees.

  • Choose trees and shrubs suited for your area and sun exposure. Some trees and shrubs like full sun and others should be planted in partial shade.

  • Some trees and shrubs, such as roses, can be grown in large containers. These are great for patios or balconies. Learn more about small space gardening with roses.