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Best Time to Plant Fall Veggies

Hot Weather Transplanting Tips for Veggies:
  • Choose a variety of cool-season vegetable seedlings.
  • Water seedlings before setting them outside. Fall crops need frequent watering, so plan ahead to use an efficient soaker hose or drip irrigation line to keep the soil lightly moist at all times.
  • Until you are ready to plant, keep your seedlings under shade, such as a patio umbrella or beneath a table or tree.
  • Transplant and cover seedlings with 1″ mulch to keep the soil cool and moist.
  • Cover the veggies with empty flowerpots or small boxes for 2 to 3 days. This gives the plants time to grow new roots before facing the hot summer sun.
  • Watch for signs of stress such as wilting. If heat hangs on, place old window screens or cloth shade covers on the south or west side of plants. Or, create a quick sun screen using clothespins attached to a piece of lightweight cloth or row cover to support hoops or slender garden stakes.