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Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Shelves
A bedroom closet with a wood closet shelving system.

Closet shelves are a natural way to increase your vertical storage space. Shelves are available in wood and ventilated wire and are often adjustable so you can customize your closet’s storage to fit your needs. Try these closet shelving ideas and tips:

  • Wood shelves provide sturdy, flat surfaces that are ideal for storing small or oddly shaped items. They also offer a more customized look, even when you choose a modular closet system. 
  • Ventilated wire shelves allow air to pass through so clothes and linens can breathe. Wire closet systems are also usually a cost-effective option. 
  • Adding shelf dividers can help keep your closet shelves looking neat, especially when stacking folded clothes on them.  
  • Labeled bins and baskets can store small and miscellaneous items and further help keep your shelves tidy and organized. 
  • When storing items on shelves, keep your most frequently used items at eye-level. Store infrequently used and out-of-season items on the top and bottom shelves. 
  • Closet shelving systems offer great opportunities to install custom features like drawers, built-in hampers, jewelry organizers and built-in vanities. Buying pre-configured shelves doesn’t mean you have to give up on your other closet shelving ideas.  
Closet Shoe Storage
A neatly organized shoe storage system.

Keep shoes from piling up on the floor with closet storage ideas that will maximize shoe storage.


  • Shelves are a great way to display and organize shoes, but keep in mind that heeled shoes are often best stored on wood shelves. High heels can slip through the gaps in wire shelves. 
  • Hang shoe storage bags on the back of your closet door. Shoe bags serve well if you need small closet organization ideas, since they make use of typically unused space and can hold a dozen or more pairs of shoes. 
  • If you prefer shoe racks, look for a slanted platform that displays your shoes at the same level for easy access.  
  • Plastic shoe boxes keep lesser used shoes and expensive dress shoes safe and out of the way. Use clear plastic boxes so you can easily see and find the shoes you need. 
  • When tall boots are in-season, store them upright on the floor on a boot mat. To keep them upright and maintain their shape, stuff boots with curled magazines, rolled towels, paper towel rolls or empty wine bottles.  
  • Alternatively, hang boots with pant hangers or hangers specially designed for boots. To prevent indent marks from the hanger’s clips, pinch a wash cloth between the boot and hanger clip. 
Bins and Baskets
A collapsible storage bin with miscellaneous linens inside.

Bins and baskets are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Some containers are even collapsible for easy storage when not in use.


  • Collapsible canvas boxes provide both style and storage utility. 
  • Stackable boxes maximize space all the way up to the ceiling. 
  • Mesh hampers and laundry bags allow clothes to breathe. 
  • Vacuum-sealable bags are ideal for storing linens in smaller closets.  
  • Choose clear bins when you want to be able to quickly locate items. Choose opaque bins or fabric bins for miscellaneous items so you can hide clutter. Label these bins so you can remember what’s in them. 

Tip: Line baskets with fabric to reduce the chances of snagging clothing and linen. 

Hanging Storage
Clothes hanging from matching wood hangers on a closet hanging rod.

Closet rods are ideal for creating space for items that need to be stored hung up instead of folded. Install one rod toward the top of the closet and another in the middle to provide two levels of hanging space for shirts, sweaters and other short garments.


  • Add tie and belt racks to your closet to avoid a tangled mess. These racks can also be used for storing scarves and jewelry. 
  • Panels with multiple hooks are ideal for use in coat closets.  
  • Expandable rods and shelves give you the ability to reconfigure your closet as your storage needs change.  
  • Use wood or padded hangers to help garments retain their shape. 
  • Flocked hangers work well for lighter items that need help staying on the hanger. 
  • Hanging closet organizers allow you to store shoes, accessories and other miscellaneous items like you would a shirt or a dress. This can be a great option if you have plenty of existing hanging space but few shelves. 
  • Attach shower rings to a hanger to hang small items like scarves and camisoles together. 
  • Install hooks in any available vertical space, such as on the walls, door or sides of a closet system. Use these hooks to hang purses, belts, jewelry or other accessories. 

Tip: Using coordinated and uniform hangers will help keep your closet looking orderly and keep articles of clothing from disappearing behind one another. 

Storage Options to Consider
A row of fabric cube storage along the floor of a closet.

When it comes to how to organize a closet, there’s no one right storage system. Usually, a mix of storage systems is the best option for maximizing your closet space.  

Below are the best closet organization ideas for each type of item you need to store. 

Clothes and Linens: 

  • Bags 
  • Hampers 
  • Hangers 
  • Hooks 
  • Shelves 


  • Door bags  
  • Platforms 
  • Shoe racks 
  • Wood shelves 

Miscellaneous Items: 

  • Baskets  
  • Bins 
  • Boxes 
  • Shelves  
Closet Organization Tips
A bedroom closet with a custom wood closet organization system.

Keep these closet organization tips in mind as you complete your dream closet:


  • Sort clothing by type and season. For example, keep heavy coats together and hang short sleeved tops separately from long sleeved tops. 
  • Color code your bins so that you know exactly what type of item is in each without having to take them down from shelves to look through them. 
  • Label every bin, basket and drawer. Use reusable labels so you can update your storage as needed. 
  • Make better use of your drawers with drawer organizers, which help ensure that small accessories don’t get lost. 
  • Maximize your space with double door storage cabinets. These fit perfectly atop modular cabinets and shelves in the same collection. Install each element as needed for hanging and display pieces.  
  • Get creative with your closet design style by using magazine holders for storing small clutches and coin purses. Paper towel holders can be used to keep your watches on display.  
  • In walk-in closets, use hooks or rods for hanging accessories like handbags, hats and scarves to make the most of your wall space or top shelves. 
  • Store out-of-season clothing in unused luggage. 
  • Try using a rolling cart to store accessories or miscellaneous objects, so you can roll them in and out of the closet as needed.  
  • If you have a small space, consider using curtains instead of doors on your closet. This can save you floor space, since you won’t have to account for the door clearance. 
  • Install good lighting in your closet so you can see everything you store. 
  • Declutter your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear. An effective way to figure out what you no longer wear is to turn your clothes inside-out before putting them away. Once you wear the clothes once, return them to the closet right-side-out. After six months to a year, see which items are still inside-out and donate or sell them. 
Closet Storage Installation
Clothes, bags, shoes and accessories neatly stored in an adjustable closet shelving system.

To make your closet storage ideas a reality, select a closet system base piece and add accessories and components from there.


  • Be cautious when placing hooks and avoid putting them in any areas where they can easily snag clothing when you reach into the closet.  
  • Shelves that are unattached to the wall on one side leave room for taller items or stacked boxes.  
  • Split the closet in half with a series of narrow shelves and install two rods on one side for hanging shorter items and one rod on the other side for longer items. 
  • Use pre-configured shelves and railings to minimize the need for precise measurements.  
  • Use cedar panels or blocks to repel bugs and keep your closet smelling fresh.  
  • Utilize the backside of your closet door for extra space. 

Combine shelving systems, bins, hanging rods and hooks and more of the above closet organization ideas to create a neat and decluttered closet. Need help finding closet organization systems? Find products fast with image search in The Home Depot Mobile App. Snap a picture of an item you like and we'll show you similar products.