Ideas & Inspiration

Drop and Grow Succulent and Flower Containers

Get Wow Now with Ready-Made Containers:
  • Buying for sun or shade? Select a ready-made container that suits your light conditions.
  • Once home, soak flower container in a bucket of water or with a hose. Do not soak succulents.
  • Slip the entire container into your own pot and hide edges with decorative moss.
  • Or, remove flowers and succulents from the container and replant into your favorite pot.
  • Fertilize flowers per directions on product you use. Succulents rarely need fertilizing.
  • Keep flower containers well watered, but keep in mind succulents need only a light watering or they will rot.
Build Your Own Container:
  • Buying for sun or shade? Select plants that suit your light conditions. Succulents love the heat.
  • Choose tall plants for the back, mounding for the middle and trailing for over the edge. Design succulent containers separately from other flowering containers.
  • Remove old plants and soil from existing containers. Clean containers.
  • Soak new plants in a bucket of water or with a hose. Give succulents only a light watering.
  • For flowers, fill container three-fourths full with pre-moistened potting mix containing a slow-release fertilizer. Succulents require a special potting mix that provides excellent drainage. Look for mixes labeled for cactus and succulents.
  • Play with placement of plants.
  • Gently remove plants from original containers, loosen roots and plant.
  • Top with potting mix, gently pressing down. Water and let soil settle.
  • Mulch flowers with decorative moss to retain moisture. Mulch succulents with pebbles to help with drainage.
  • Water when soil is dry.

TIP: If you’re using a large container, fill the bottom one-third with filler materials like aluminum cans, plastic containers or packing peanuts.