Ideas & Inspiration

Edible Container Gardening

Create Stunning Cool-Season Containers:

Choose cool-season veggie and herb seedlings in eye-catching colors with interesting forms and varying textures. Your composition may look too pretty to eat if you include choices from each of these three groups:

  • Thrillers. Choose upright-growing plants with colored stems and puckered leaves such as Swiss chard or Tuscan kale. Feathery dill or fennel foliage forms a light-textured backdrop. Other good choices include chives, leeks or dwarf snow peas trained to grow up a trellis.
  • Fillers. Deep green curled parsley is a natural for this role, but red-blushed kale or a mixture of leaf lettuces will work great, too.
  • Spillers. Save space for the finishing touch with herbs that spill over the side of the container such as marjoram, creeping rosemary or creeping thyme.

Place your container in its permanent spot and fill with potting soil to within 3-inches of the rim. After it is filled with plants and watered, it may be too heavy to move comfortably.

Remove seedlings from their pots and place in a triangle pattern into the soil. If using more than three plants, position the upright plant first and then arrange the others around it. Look at your composition from different angles, and move plants as needed to boost contrast between colors and textures.

Add organic potting soil to fill the container, gently press the seedlings in place, and water. Keep a watering can handy to keep the soil moist.