Ideas & Inspiration

Gazebo Ideas

Modern Style
A metal gazebo with patio furniture underneath.

Simple in design, this metal gazebo has a modern, Asian feel. It features a solid fiber plastic roof canopy and black finished metal posts and panels. Metal gazebos are virtually maintenance-free as well as attractive. This gazebo style works with any type of minimalist decor.

Room for Two
A simple wood octagonal gazebo.

Octagonal wood gazebos are the traditional style for the structure. Sizes can vary, but this cozy, room-for-two gazebo is perfect for small yards or if you want to create an intimate sitting space. For additional ambiance, add gazebo lighting along the roof so you can hang out in your sitting area in the evening.

Brick Accents
A gazebo with brick base columns and a metal roof.

Wood posts and a metal roof make this traditional gazebo work with many types of decor. The brick columns at the base of the posts offer structural support as well as add to the aesthetic of the gazebo.

A gazebo with white lattice walls.

You can’t get more traditional than whitewashed wood lattice and a shingled roof for a gazebo. This style is reminiscent of seating structures seen in park settings or botanical gardens. 

Living Roof
A gazebo with moss growing on its roof.

This gazebo features the traditional octagonal shape and wood materials, but with an unusual roof. It’s the perfect addition for garden lovers who are looking for another way to show off their green thumb.

A gazebo with white curtains.

Although gazebos and pergolas can look similar, there are often hybrid versions of the two. This structure has cross beams (typical of pergolas), but it also features a roof (standard for gazebos). Removeable curtains transform the structure into a screened gazebo when needed. If you are not sure if you'd prefer a gazebo or a pergola, then consider a hybrid type.

A gazebo with a tan fabric covering.

Semi-permanent gazebos are perfect for events no matter the location. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and to pack away for the season. They come in a multitude of styles, materials and price points. 

A white gazebo with a cupola.

Cupolas offer a finishing touch to a gazebo. A cupola is a small dome-like feature that is positioned on top of a structure. Any stationary gazebo can have a cupola, but it needs to be proportional to the size of the structure. To determine the right size, take the gazebo’s width and multiply it by 1.25 or 1.5 to get a general idea on what size base you should get for the cupola. 

A gazebo will make a wonderful addition to any yard and one of these gazebo ideas can work to enhance your outdoor space. Shop The Home Depot for gazebo kits or supplies to build your own gazebo as well as patio accessories to decorate your outdoor space.