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Gray Bathroom Ideas

Gray Bathroom Color Patterns
shades of gray paint

Gray is a simple color to match with other tones because of its many shades.  

If you are trying to brighten your gray bathroom, use a softer gray paint with a bit of gloss to it. If you want to bring the tone down in the bathroom, lean towards a gray shade that is closer to black.

Gray Bathroom Accents Colors
gray bathroom with red accent wall

Because gray is a neutral, earth tone paint color, it can be dulling when used exclusively. Accent colors like grass green, midnight black, sun yellow or rose pink can make the gray color theme and gray bathroom materials pop.

Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas
gray bathroom with mixed gray bathroom tile

Gray bathroom tile comes in a variety of styles and designs for the wall or floor. 

Even the most solid gray bathroom floor tile has varying shades of gray throughout. Mixed gray bathroom wall bathroom tiles may have pockets of other colors.

Gray Bathroom Wallpaper
bathroom with white and gray wallpaper

If you are skipping gray paint, you might choose wallpaper instead. You don’t want your gray wallpaper to clash with your bathroom tile or accent colors. 

Choose a patterned wallpaper that will match a grayscale flooring and furnishings to give a consistent look and keep the bathroom calm, not confusing.

Furnishings for Gray Bathroom
gray bathroom with silver and gray bathroom accessories

The options for furnishing a gray bathroom are endless because of the color tone. 

Bathroom accessories of any finish or color can add style to your gray bathroom theme. Experiment with bathroom hardware, bathroom accessory sets, racks and hooks in finishes from white to oiled bronze.

White and Gray Bathroom Ideas
gray bathroom with cottage style bathroom furnishings

Gray color derives from white color so gray and white bathroom ideas combine well. White paint or white wallpaper is an easy addition that will capture this combination and keep your bathroom bright. 

Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas
gray bathroom with blue accent bathroom accessories

Adding a striking blue into your gray bathroom is an option when looking for a strong contrast. 

Blue gray is also a color that is very popular when incorporating a different shade of gray that is still comforting.

Placing a bath mat in either blue or glue gray can complement this color pairing for your gray bathroom decor.

Glam Gray Bathroom Ideas
classic style glam gray bathroom with silver accents

Glam is the way to go when you want your gray bathroom decor to shine, sparkle and shimmer.  Invest in silver and gold decor, luxurious lighting fixture and ornate vanity bathroom mirrors

Natural Wood and Gray Bathroom Ideas
gray bathroom with natural wood accents

Wood accents in your gray bathroom evokes beach living and the great outdoors.

Incorporate a natural look throughout your bathroom by keeping the gray subtle but interesting and using furniture, walls or the vanity to showcase a wood look.

Master Bedroom Gray Bathroom Ideas
gray bathroom next to master bedroom

The master bathroom is an important space, so make it your own.

After settling on the type of bathtub or shower in your gray bathroom, determine the most important gray decor pieces that you want to implement. The goal is to create a glamourous look, while keeping the space relaxing and enjoyable.