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How to Care for Boxwoods

Simple Care for Your Boxwood:
  • Select a spot with evenly moist, rich soil that drains well.
  • Perform a simple soil test. Amend soil to keep pH between six and seven. Ask your local Garden Center associate for assistance.
  • Dig a hole no greater than the depth of the root ball and 2 to 3 times as wide.
  • Loosen roots before planting. Plant the crown of the boxwood slightly above the surface.
  • Amend soil with compost. Backfill hole, compressing lightly to remove any air pockets.
  • Water thoroughly and then mulch 2”-3”. Keep mulch away from the trunk. Do not mound like a volcano.
  • Watch out for boxwood blight. Know the symptoms of this fungal disease before you purchase new plants. While no boxwood is immune to the disease, Korean and Japanese types seem less susceptible. Once the disease is introduced in your garden, it can be a problem throughout the entire garden. For more information, ask your Garden Center associate.