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How to Fill Bare Spots in Your Garden with Containers

Use Containers to Fill Bare Spots:
  • Evaluate your landscape and determine the number of bare spots you need to fill.
  • Find containers you like. Choose brightly colored glazed containers for a pop of color. If you prefer a more subtle look, select pots in shades of brown or bronze or use terra cotta. Use one container as a focal point, or three near each other for a dramatic impact.
  • Try colorful, lightweight plastic pots. Plastic doesn’t dry out as fast as glazed ceramic or terra cotta. They’re more affordable and easier to move around.
  • Remember the adage of “thriller, filler and spiller” when planting new pots. Put the tallest growing plant in the middle, or at the back. Surround it with smaller plants and finally, those that spill over the edge.
  • Or plant a container with one dramatic foliage plant or fall bloomer. Tropical crotons and elephant ears are gorgeous in a fall landscape.
  • Use potting soil with fertilizer built in.
  • Place a large, unplanted urn to create a dramatic focal point in the landscape.