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How to Increase Blooms on Perennial Flowers

Boost Blooms on Roses and Perennials:
  • Watch for these signs. Start fertilizing roses and perennials when you see new growth.
  • Choose the right fertilizer. For roses, pick a rose fertilizer that contains a balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All-in-one fertilizers help control pests and diseases. For all perennials, you can use time-release granular fertilizers, such as Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed. These gradually add nutrients over a three-month span.
  • Before you begin. Lightly water around the base of roses before applying a fertilizer.
  • Keep a trowel handy. Follow directions for amount to apply. Use a trowel to lightly work fertilizer into the soil.
  • Know when to feed again. Feed every 4 to 6 weeks for liquid fertilizers or every three months if using a longer-lasting granular fertilizer.
  • Aftercare instructions. Water thoroughly after fertilizing.
Deadhead Roses and Perennials:
  • Wear Gloves. Wear sturdy gloves when working with roses.
  • Get a clean cut. Use a sharp pair of hand pruners for a clean cut.
  • Cut faded blooms. Deadhead perennials and annuals by cutting or pinching off faded blooms. For tall-stemmed perennials, snip at the base of the plant’s stem.
  • Watch the leaves. Avoid removing leaves since they provide nutrients for future blooms.
  • Make it easy. Make this task effortless by doing a little each day.