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How to Protect Plants from Deer and Rabbits

How to Deter Deer, Rabbits and Other Animal Pests:
  • Detract near entry points with scents like garlic, rosemary and lavender, or textures like lamb’s ear, thorny roses, barberry or holly.
  • Hide what’s inside. Plant tall, thick hedges or add a fence at least 8’ tall. Rabbit fences should be 30” tall, made from 3/4” wire mesh and buried 8”-12”.
  • Use liquid or granular animal repellent. Evenly spread or spray around the perimeter of your planting area. It’s important to reapply after rain and as often as directed.
  • Add an element of surprise, such as a garden ornament or a scarecrow, and move it frequently.
  • Light up their life. Install motion sensor lights that come on as they approach.
  • Let the dogs out. The more active and noisy your pets, the less likely the deer will come around.