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How to Protect Trees and Shrubs for Winter

5 Steps to Prep Trees and Shrubs for Winter:

1.  Generously water trees and shrubs before temperatures plummet. Once the ground freezes, soil cannot move water to plant roots. During mild winters, trees and shrubs can be watered – just be sure all moisture absorbs into soil and avoid water-logging plants.

2.  Cut back on fertilizing. Fertilizer promotes new growth, which is more susceptible to winter damage.

3.  Late fall, before a freeze, is an ideal time to prune most trees and remove damaged, dead or dying branches. These branches are more susceptible to breakage. Consult a Home Depot Garden Center associate to determine the best time for pruning specific trees and shrubs in your region.

4.  Wrap young, thin-bark deciduous trees with twine to protect them from animal damage and sun scald. Ask your Garden Center associate about protective tree wrap. You can also use burlap to wrap evergreens and create barriers that protect plants from salt.

5.  When soil begins to freeze, add a layer of mulch around trees and shrubs to create a moisture barrier and maintain consistent soil temperature. If mulch is added while the weather is still warm, plants miss the opportunity to ease into the cold season.