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How to Use Cacti and Succulents in Bare Spots

Use Containers to Fill Bare Spots:
  • Evaluate your landscape and determine the number of bare spots you need to fill.
  • Choose a container with good drainage like a glazed or terra cotta pot. Choose a bright color for a pop, or for a more subtle look, select pots in shades of brown or bronze. Use one container as a focal point, or three near each other for a dramatic impact.
  • When potting up your new plants, be sure to use a potting soil formulated for succulents.
  • Cacti and succulents are very structural, have bold shapes and make good focal points. Saguaro, agave and mangave are vertical elements while some succulents, like string of pearls, can spill over a container’s side. Match a container with a succulent leaf color for a dramatic flair.
  • Group smaller succulents in a shallow container and place them in front of a border where they won’t be missed.
  • Cacti and succulents come from arid climates, but they still need watering approximately once a week if in containers.
  • If you live where succulents aren’t hardy, bring them indoors and use as winter houseplants. They need almost no water during winter; maybe only once a month.