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Indoor Holiday Decor Trends

Christmas Trees

When it comes to Christmas Trees, there are many different types available.

Artificial Christmas trees offer convenience and easy assembly, and many come pre-lit to help make decorating simple. These are available with a variety of light colors and styles already built into the branches, and some are even pre-flocked with the look of real snow-tipped branches. If you prefer to hang the lights yourself and mix up your display, choose an unlit artificial Christmas tree instead.

Alternatively, Rreal Christmas trees are a staple in many homes throughout the season. The fresh-cut greenery makes your indoor atmosphere crisp and fragrant. These are available in varying heights to perfectly fit your space, but they require a bit of maintenance to make sure they last through the holidays. See our guides on how to set up a Christmas tree and how to care for a living Christmas tree for more information. 

Tip: For help choosing the best Christmas trees for your home, see our artificial Christmas trees buying guide and our real Christmas tree buying guide.

Ornament Displays

Christmas Ornaments aren’t just for trees anymore – branch out! Collect some of your prettiest bulbs and display them in glass containers on the mantel or as eye-catching centerpieces. Need some fresh ideas? Consider making a DIY ornament garland or an ornament chandelier. If you don’t have the space to put up an actual Christmas tree, get creative with a holiday ornament display tree that can be placed above the fireplace or atop a bookshelf.

Shatter-Resistant Ornaments

Speaking of ornaments, keep your favorite tree baubles safe year after year by investing in beautiful shatter-resistant and shatterproof ornaments. Many collections include a mix of shiny, matte, glitter and hand-painted ornaments that are also available in matching wreaths and other indoor decor. These are great for decorating your Christmas tree, especially if pets and small children will have access to your holiday setup.

Christmas Garland

Spread the green beyond the tree and hang Christmas garland around your mantel, wrap it along your banisters, or even drape it on your furniture. With garland, there are so many decorating styles that will match your tree, wreaths and more. Add some extra twinkle around the house with minimal effort by choosing pre-lit garland to brighten your space.

Kissing Ball

Pucker up! Mistletoe can sometimes be difficult to find, and if accidentally ingested, it can be poisonous to kids and pets. Choose an evergreen alternative and hang a kissing ball in your home. This festive and fun Christmas swag will illuminate your favorite door frame and encourage you to spread the love of the season.