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Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Simple or Extravagant
An outdoor fireplace made of light-colored stone on a patio.

Modern outdoor fireplace designs are a long way from stacked cinder blocks. While personal style and preferences vary, even the rustic look of natural stone with no chimney can enhance any patio area. With a few chairs placed around, it becomes a warm gathering space.

Outdoor fireplace ideas don’t need to include a large and elaborate custom-built model with a tall chimney. A small patio fireplace can be a finishing touch for the outdoor living area with coordinating outdoor furniture setting the overall theme.

A Covered Space
A stacked stone fireplace has seating on a covered patio.

If there’s space for it, consider a pavilion in your outdoor fireplace design to keep the seating dry. A fire is always warm but having a covered area permits outdoor entertaining even if the weather is both cool and damp.

Think of it as an indoor fireplace that’s in a cozy outdoor space. Just be sure the chimney extends beyond the rafters.

Fuel for the Fire
A modern outdoor fireplace has a gas fire and seating on a fireplace,

Any fireplace can bring cozy ambiance to a living space outside. A gas fireplace also adds convenience and saves space by not needing to rely on a supply of dry firewood.

Whether it’s a modern fireplace, mid-century modern design or a rustic look on the patio, propane or natural gas can be used to warm up an outdoor area with the flip of a switch.

Stone All Around
A large outdoor fireplace made of stone blocks has storage for firewood and seating.

A flagstone patio might call for a fireplace of the same material or a stone veneer, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. A stone fireplace can look great on an outdoor patio made from brick pavers.

Extend both sides of a natural stone hearth to create additional seating without the need for chairs and extra patio furniture.

Custom vs. Kit Fireplaces
An outdoor fireplace made from a kit has storage for firewood.

A built-in fireplace doesn’t have to mean custom-made. An outdoor fireplace kit can eliminate the planning and designing that is necessary for a bespoke model. There are many kits available to fit almost any style, and these contain everything you need for an outdoor fireplace. Chimeneas and portable fire pits can be solutions for backyards with a small patio.

Personal style can be reflected in any type of outdoor fireplace. Linear tile can enhance many outdoor fireplace ideas with color and texture.

Outdoor Kitchen
A brick fireplace with a wood fire and kitchen amenities built in.

Including an oven with a stone fireplace design can add functionality to an outdoor space. Whether the fireplace is added to an existing outdoor kitchen or vice versa, a wood-fired oven is perfect for entertaining in style.

Fare from a rustic outdoor kitchen isn’t limited to bread or pizza from the oven. Use a rotating spit or wrought iron hangers for pots above the flames for modern campfire cooking.

Minimalists wanting only to roast marshmallows could build a fire pit.

Modern vs. Rustic
An outdoor fireplace has a modern feel on a covered patio.

The first thought of an outdoor fireplace might bring an image of rustic stacked stones with a towering chimney, but there are plenty of options for modern outdoor fireplaces with sleek design. The look of clean lines with polished stone or metal present a sophisticated style for a patio.

Many are fueled with clean-burning natural gas or propane, and the fire is just as warm as a traditional fireplace.

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