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Privacy Landscaping Ideas

Solutions for Adding Privacy to Your Landscape:
  • Plant privacy with a row of tall, stately evergreen such as arborvitae, Leyland cypress or Polar Gold Thuja. These fast-growing trees form a green wall that blocks unappealing views and muffles noises. When planting, consider their mature height, width and growth rate. Read plant labels and discuss your project with a Garden Center associate for advice on plant spacing.
  • Grow some privacy in decorative, over-sized containers. Large containers can handle tall, ornamental and evergreen trees. These add visual interest to your landscape and offer privacy, too. With a variety of container styles, colors and sizes available, you can have fun mixing and matching. Keep the trees healthy by keeping the soil in the containers moist.
  • Shelter spaces with lattices. Lattice is available in a range of heights, widths and styles, including panels that can be placed into the ground like fencing or positioned like walls around a patio or deck. Train climbing plants such as ivy or climbing hydrangea vine to grow up the lattice. Talk to a Garden Center associate about trellis plants for your space.
  • Position fence panels creatively along a property line or patio area. Plant tall-growing evergreens between panels, or use two panels to create a corner nook for seating. Add planter hooks and hanging baskets, or build a window box onto the fence panel to plant herbs or annuals. Think of each panel as a blank canvas.