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Recipe: The Easiest Pulled Pork You’ll Ever Try

  • Pork roast (approximately 8 pounds)
  • Your choice of barbecue rub

1. Rub the roast down with your favorite barbecue rub. Leave the roast at room temperature while you get the grill up to temperature.

2. Put enough hard lump charcoal in the grill to reach a couple inches above the air vents in the ceramic bowl. Put the lava stone on the lava stone rack and then add the grill grates.

3. Plug in the electric starter and let it go until you see the charcoal begin to burn.

4. Remove the electric starter and let your grill temperature rise to 225 to 250°F. Follow the instructions for your particular model to get the grill to the correct temperature. Remember, it is much easier to raise the temperature than it is to reduce it, so take it slow and easy.

5. When the grill’s temperature has stabilized at 225 to 250°F, put the roast on the top rack and shut the lid.

6. That’s it. Just check your grill periodically to make sure the temperature remains constant.

For an 11-hour smoke at this temperature, follow the instructions for your Vision grill model should you need to add more charcoal.

The wonderful thing with smoked meats is that you can be flexible with the cooking temperature and time. If you are more rushed, raise the temperature a bit and smoke it a little less. For the best success, however, cook low and slow.