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5 Fall Garden Chores to Prep for Spring

Make Time for These Fall Garden Chores

1. Test your soil with a soil test kit. Incorporate soil amendments and organic matter as needed. It takes up to six months for some amendments to benefit the soil and your plants.

2. Cut back perennials and remove any dead foliage after the first freeze. Use sharp pruners and clean the blades frequently between cuts to prevent spreading any disease.

3. Rake leaves and shred them with a mulching lawn mower and bagging attachment. Then, top garden soil with shredded leaves, or pile them into a compost pile to be used in spring. Shredded leaves make for healthier soil and encourage earthworm activity.

4. Manage weeds now to keep cool-weather weeds in check. If you pull weeds by hand, hold where their stems meet the soil and pull straight up, removing the entire root system. Don’t put weeds with seeds in the compost pile.

5. Plant trees, shrubs and spring-blooming bulbs. Fall is the perfect time for all three to settle in and grow. Whenever temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, plants’ roots are growing.

You can wait to prune shrubs and trees until late winter and early spring. Pruning trees and shrubs signals to them that they should start growing again. Of course, if your shrubs and trees have diseased or damaged branches, it's okay to prune them out.

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