Ideas & Inspiration

Types of Sheds

Pick the Perfect Shed:
  • Estimate how much storage you need. Your largest piece of equipment should fit through the shed doors. Most standard small sheds can hold basic gardening tools and a wheelbarrow. Medium to large sheds can accommodate a riding mower. For maximum storage, look for one with overhead space.

  • Choose the best material for your climate. Prefabricated sheds are usually made of wood, plastic, resin or metal. High-quality plastic and resin sheds are durable, easy to maintain and resist rot and insects. Wood sheds also last a long time and can be painted to match your home. Steel sheds are easy to assemble and resist rust, mold, rodents and insects. They don’t need painting or staining.

  • Find your favorite style. You may want to match or complement your home.

  • Install shelves to keep fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals off the floor and away from pets and children. Hang rakes, shovels and hand tools on pegboards, and corral garden gloves and other items in plastic bins. Heavy-duty hangers keep ladders and garden hoses off the floor. Controlling the clutter lets you find things quickly and easily.

  • Add a ramp to make it easy to roll wheeled items in and out.

  • Help your shed blend into the landscape by planting shrubs or attaching window boxes filled with flowers.

  • Install lights so you can use your shed after dark. Wireless, solar and motion-sensored are available.

Tip: Estimate how much space you need by putting your lawn and garden tools and equipment together on the ground or in your driveway. Then measure around them. Add in extra space so you can walk around in your shed.

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