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When Forsythias Bloom, Prune Roses for More Flowers

Prune Roses in 5 Easy Steps:

1.  Wear rose gloves to protect your hands. Start from the bottom of the bush and work your way up.

2.  Use long-handled loppers to prune thick canes. Remove any dead, black, shriveled, diseased or broken wood.

3.  Prune hybrid tea roses to leave 3 to 5 strong, healthy canes, each 6”-8” long. Prune floribundas to leave 8 to 10 strong, healthy canes, each 8”-12” long. Make the cuts on an angle, about ¼” above buds that face away from the center of the bush.

4.  Use bypass pruners for canes that are about as big around as a pencil. Remove twigs or branches that cross or rub against each other.

5.  Cut off any suckers, the stems that sprout from the roots. You may have to remove some soil to get to them.

Prune Shrub Roses in One Step:

Shrub roses, like ‘Knock Out’ roses, can be pruned with electric hedge trimmers. Just remove about 1/3 of the growth, and you’re done!