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BUYING GUIDE Best Paint Sprayer for Your Project
Find the best paint sprayer for you to quickly complete any paint project
Paint Safety Equipment
BUYING GUIDE Best Safety Equipment for Painting
Protect your health using masks and respirators when tackling painting and sanding projects
A modern room is painted in a sleek grey shade.
BUYING GUIDE Types of Paint Finishes
Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect interior paint sheen for any room
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BUYING GUIDE Best Exterior Paint for Your Home
Protect your home and increase curb appeal with a new coat of paint
Choosing Exterior Stains
BUYING GUIDE Best Exterior Stain for Your Project
Apply exterior stain to make your deck, outdoor furniture and other outdoor projects beautiful and long-lasting
Paint Brushes
BUYING GUIDE Best Paint Brushes for Your Project
Be prepared to take on any painting project with a variety of paint brushes
Choosing exterior paint colors for your Victorian style home
BUYING GUIDE Exterior Paint Ideas
Choose between water- and oil-based paint to give your home a fresh look
How to choose the best paint brushes
BUYING GUIDE How to Choose the Right Applicators for Exterior Stain Projects
Get professional-looking results on your exterior stain projects when you pick the best paint rollers and paint brushes
Exterior Sealers - Exterior Sealers
BUYING GUIDE Types of Exterior Sealers
Prolong the life and beauty of outdoor surfaces such as concrete and wood with exterior sealers
A person creating paint texture on a wall.
BUYING GUIDE How to Texture Walls
Add texture to interior paint using unique application techniques and textured additives
Drop Cloths - Drop Cloths and Tarps
BUYING GUIDE Best Tarp and Drop Cloths for Your Project
Protect your floors, furniture and fine art with drop cloths and tarps before painting
A video about how to choose ceiling paint.
BUYING GUIDE Best Ceiling Paint for Your Home
Complete the look of your room by updating your ceiling with a new coat of paint
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BUYING GUIDE How To Choose a Paint Color
Pick a paint hue for your walls to set the tone for the rest of your home
Best Paint for Concrete Floors
BUYING GUIDE How to Choose the Best Concrete Paint
Bring a fresh look to your home and garage with patio and concrete paint
How to Choose Respirators
BUYING GUIDE Types of Respirator Masks
Learn which respirator is best for your project
Paint Solvents & Removers - Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Best Paint Stripper For Your Project
Quickly strip old paint and varnish to prep your furniture and walls for a new look
Woman painting concrete floor with paint roller
BUYING GUIDE Best Outdoor Paint for Patios and Concrete
Purchase the best concrete paint to clean, prime, and paint your home and garage concrete floor with this product guide
Choosing Stain Applicators
BUYING GUIDE Best Concrete Paint Applicators for You
Choose the right applicators to easily paint or stain your concrete and masonry projects
Paints & Stains for Your Concrete, Basement & Garage Floor
BUYING GUIDE Paints and Stains for Your Concrete, Basement and Garage Floor
Keep your outdoor floors looking good and protected from daily wear and tear
Spary paint  Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Best Spray Paint for Your Project
For a quick and easy paint job, try spray paint for both indoor and outdoor projects
Paint Roller Covers
BUYING GUIDE Best Paint Roller For You
Make your next paint project quick and easy with paint rollers
BUYING GUIDE Best Stains and Finishes for Indoor Use
Stains enhance the beauty of wood by adding color and emphasizing the grain pattern
Stain Applicators - Paint and Stain Applicators
BUYING GUIDE Best Paint and Stain Applicators for Your Project
Pick the right paint and stain applicators to give your paint project professional-looking results
All About Tape  Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Types of Tape
Tape is available in a wide range of types, sizes, colors and adhesive strengths to pull together any project