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BUYING GUIDE Best Corded Drills for Your Project
Corded drills provide endless drilling power for all of your projects
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BUYING GUIDE Ladder Safety Tips
Make ladder safety a top priority at home or in the workplace by learning a few basic rules and guidelines
Utility Knives Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Best Box Cutters and Utility Blades for Your Project
A utility knife is an indispensable tool that can be used for many different jobs
BUYING GUIDE Best Home Safes for Security
Keep your family’s valuables safe from fires, flooding and burglars
Gardening Tools - Must-Have Gardening Tools
BUYING GUIDE Best Gardening Tools for Your Yard
Keep your yard and garden looking beautiful with a few essential tools
Smart Door Lock
BUYING GUIDE Best Smart Locks for Home Security
Upgrade to a smart door lock that combines security and convenience
Sandpaper & Abrasives
BUYING GUIDE Types of Sandpaper and Abrasives
Use sandpaper, steel wool and sanding sponges to smooth surfaces for a pro finish
a portable air compressor
BUYING GUIDE Best Air Compressors for Your Project
Add the power of air using pneumatic tools to ensure quick work of any job
Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Best Cabinet Hardware for Your Home
Personalize your kitchen and bath with handles and pulls that fit your style
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BUYING GUIDE Types of Wrenches
Explore different types of wrenches and learn which are most useful for various types of work
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BUYING GUIDE Best Nail Guns for Your Project
A powerful nailer saves you time and energy on woodworking projects
Picture and Mirror Hangers
BUYING GUIDE Best Picture and Mirror Hangers for Your Home
It’s important to choose the right type of hanger when hanging a picture or mirror
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BUYING GUIDE Types of Hinges
Keep doors, cabinets and jewelry boxes opening and closing smoothly with the right hinge parts
Electrical Tools
BUYING GUIDE Best Electrical Tools for Your Project
Make your electrical work easy and safe with new electrical tools
Dust Collection System - Choosing the Right Dust Collection System
BUYING GUIDE Best Dust Collection System for Your Workshop
Keep a clean and safe workspace by installing a debris and air filtration unit
Files and Rasps
BUYING GUIDE Types of File Tools
Understand why these handy tools are must-haves when it comes to smoothing and shaping
Hammers Mallets - Hammers and Mallets
BUYING GUIDE Types of Hammers and Mallets
Pick the perfect hammer to achieve the best results for jobs big and small
Clamps and Vises - Types Clamps and Vises
BUYING GUIDE Types of Clamps and Vises
Be prepared for any project with a variety of clamps and vises
Miter Saws
BUYING GUIDE Best Miter Saws for Your Project
Master everything from miter and bevel cuts to compound cuts and crosscuts using a miter saw
Video Cables
BUYING GUIDE Types of Video Cables
Ensure superior picture quality for your high definition TV with the right video cables
Band Saws Buying Guide
BUYING GUIDE Best Band Saws for Your Project
Cut task time in half with a high-powered, continuous blade and greater maneuverability
Walkie Talkie - Select a Walkie Talkie
BUYING GUIDE Best Walkie-Talkies for Communication
Two-way radios help you stay in touch with the touch of a button
Rotary Tools Buying Guide
Take on a wide variety of projects, from woodworking to carving, with this versatile power tool
Nuts and Washers
BUYING GUIDE Types of Washers and Nuts
Nuts and washers are small but integral for many fastening jobs