How to Choose the Best Zero Turn Mowers

Choose the best zero turn mower for residential or commercial lawn care

Zero turn mower

Zero turn lawn mowers provide superior maneuverability as they have a turn radius of near-zero. Not having to overlap or mow in a crosshatch pattern cuts down considerably on mowing time, as does the increased size of the mowing deck (which holds the blades.) Many models feature increased horsepower and larger fuel tanks so you can care for your lawn much quicker and easier than you can with standard lawn tractors.

This guide will help you choose which zero turn mower best fits your needs.

Types of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are broken into four main types, with each type designed with a specific user in mind. 

Homeowners that will mow under one acre of lawn a week should look at entry level mowers with limited features and the smallest upfront cost, whereas landscape professionals that cover multiple acres a day will need the durability and power provided by a commercial use mower.

Entry Level Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for cutting a residential lawn once 
a week or less.

• Least expensive zero turn mower
• Not built for daily use
• Smaller gas tanks - cover shorter distances between refuels
• Less powerful engines, cap out around 6-7 mph
• Offer fewest features

Mid-Grade Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for larger properties (over one acre)
that need weekly mowing.

• Larger deck sizes cover more lawn quicker
• Slightly more durable material than entry level
• Can handle heavier loads
• Offer more comfortable seats and deck height options
• More engine options

Semi-Commercial/Semi-Pro Zero Turn Mower 

Ideal for small landscaping crews that cover
multiple lawns a day.

• Designed for daily use
• Made with stronger materials to improve durability
• Feature larger fuel tanks
• Heavy-duty transmissions
• Reach speeds up to 8 mph
• Can cover 4-5 acres without refueling
• Available with more customizable features

Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for landscaping pros covering lots of 
acreage daily.

• Most expensive zero turn mower
• Most powerful engine & biggest fuel tanks
• Reach speeds up to 13 mph
• Offer full-suspension for rider comfort and consistent cut

Lawn and Garden Tractors vs. Zero Turn Mowers

Riding mowers are either lawn tractors, garden tractors or zero turn mowers. Traditional lawn mowers, or tractors, are designed for outdoor chores such as mowing, mulching, clipping, plowing and more. Zero turn mowers focus on quick mowing.

Lawn Tractors

Features multiple speeds for all areas of the yard and handles tough mulching, mowing and bagging tasks. 

Suitable for flat and uneven terrain with grass clipping clean up.

Garden Tractors

Can be used to plow and cultivate gardens as well as remove snow. 

Have larger engines and stronger frames to take on heavy-duty work on flat and uneven terrain.

Zero Turn Mowers

Turns on a dime and cuts your work time in half. 

Zero turning radius riding mowers provide more control and increased efficiency on large and mostly flat lawns.