How to Make a Christmas Ornament Tree

Under 2 hours

Using ornaments for a Christmas ornament tree is a decorative project that will add holiday cheer to your home

How to Make a Christmas Ornament Tree

Make your home a little livelier for the holidays with this easy Christmas ornament tree project. Not only is this a wonderful decorative project, it can also double as an interesting table centerpiece when you’re entertaining this season.


Select ornaments
Select ornaments - Christmas Ornament Tree

Gather up your supplies and arrange the selection of ornaments that you’d like to hang.

Hang ornament
Hang ornament - Christmas Ornament Tree

• Select a chandelier or hanging light and make sure that it has both a sturdy base and adequate hang space for the tree.
• Hang your first ornament from the center point of the light fixture.

Continue hanging ornaments
Continue hanging ornaments - Christmas Ornament Tree

Start out your next level and place them a little bit farther out on the fixture and about an inch lower than the top of your first ornament.

Use S-hooks
Use S-hooks - Christmas Ornament Tree

S-hooks will help give you the perfect hang spot along the light and keep you from having to tie a lot of knots around your light.

Layer the tree
Layer tree - Christmas Ornament Tree

Each layer should be a little farer out and lower than the previous layer.

Make sure tree is symmetrical
Make sure tree symmetrical  - Christmas Ornament Tree

Check the tree from afar to make sure that it’s symmetrical and make adjustments if necessary.