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Microfiber Cloth Benefits

Superior Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths

Improve sanitation and reduce cleaning costs with microfiber cloths, mops, towels and dusters. Microfiber materials are 3 times more effective at reducing bacteria than cotton fiber. They are also tough and weigh less, outperforming and outlasting their cotton counterparts.

Clean Results

Protect the people who depend on you with superior janitorial supplies. Microfiber cleaning materials, including microfiber cloths, are more effective than cotton. Their densely packed micro filaments reach deep into surface cracks and crevices, removing 99% of bacteria compared to cotton's 30%.

Lasts Longer

Save on cleaning costs and improve sanitation with microfiber. Microfiber cleaning tools like microfiber mops are tough. They regularly last for as many as 1,000 washes, 5 times as many as conventional wet loop mops.

Uses Less

Microfibers are more effective at capturing and removing bacteria. This helps cleaning staff service more areas in less time, reducing overall labor cost by 20% per day. Cleaning with items like microfiber towels also requires significantly fewer cleaning chemicals and water compared to conventional fibers—as much as 95% less—drastically reducing cleaning costs.

Microfiber vs. Cotton

4x the surface area
Microfibers are 200 times 
thinner than a human hair

Microfiber materials are ideal for 
cleaning glass and stainless steel

more absorbent
Microfiber materials can absorb up
to 6 times their weight in water

Lasts longer
Microfiber can last for 1,000 washes

dries faster
Less moisture retention makes it 
harder for bacteria to grow

uses less
Microfiber mops need 95% less 
water and 95% fewer chemicals

positively charged
Microfibers attract negatively 
charged dirt and grease

more efficient
Increase your team's productivity by 
cleaning more areas in less time
Microfiber Mops
Microfiber Cloths & Cleaning Tools

New microfiber cloths, towels, mops and dusters provide superior cleaning power because they are composed of minuscule synthetic fibers divided many times thinner than human hair. These fine fibers are split in a manner that forms microscopic hooks, which grab and hold microbes and particles that conventional cleaning tools would leave behind.

Microfiber Mops
Ideal for Professional Cleaning

Microfiber cleaning tools are ideal for disinfecting high-traffic, high-risk areas in any facility. Color-coded cloths are available to meet your industry standards. Whether your crew cleans hospitals, homes, restaurants or offices, you can elevate your cleaning effectiveness and save on supplies with microfiber cloths, towels, mops and dusters.