Closet Organization Buying Guide

Get home storage solutions that will help expand your closet space

Reduce clutter and increase storage space in your closet by adding a few closet organization elements.

This guide will walk you through the options, including boxes, door bags, shoe racks and more.

Tip: Measure your closet space first to ensure your new shelving and accessories will fit.

Shelves and Shoe Storage

Shelves are available in wood and ventilated wire. Shoe bags maximize space by using the back of the closet door and can hold a dozen or more pairs of shoes.

  • Wood and other solid shelves provide sturdy, flat surfaces that are ideal for storing small or oddly shaped items.
  • Ventilated wire shelves allow air to pass through so clothes and linens can breathe.
  • Use expandable shelves to customize your closet’s storage space.

Shoes can be stored on shelves or in shoe bags hung on the backside of your closet door. If you prefer shoe racks, look for a slanted platform that displays your shoes at the same level for easy access.

Boxes and Baskets

Boxes and baskets are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Some containers are even collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

Tip: Line baskets with fabric to reduce the chances of snagging clothing and linen.  

  • Collapsible canvas boxes provide both style and storage utility.
  • Stackable boxes maximize space all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Mesh hampers and laundry bags allow clothes to breathe.
  • Vacuum-sealable bags are ideal for storing linens in smaller closets.

Hanging Storage

Install one rod toward the top of the closet and another in the middle to provide two levels of hanging space for shirts, sweaters and other short garments.

Tip: Use wood or padded hangers to help garments retain their shape.  

  • Add a tie and belt organizer to your closet to avoid a tangled mess.
  • Panels with multiple hooks are ideal for use in coat closets.
  • Expandable rods and shelves give you the ability to reconfigure your closet as your storage needs change.
  • Some shelves can also be moved up and down, further increasing versatility.

Item to Store Storage Devices Benefits and Points to Consider

Clothes and Linens


Wood and padded hangers help clothes retain shape.

Hampers and bags are ideal for dirty clothes.

Wire shelves let linens breathe.

Miscellaneous Items


Solid shelves are ideal for storing a wide range of items.

Collapsible boxes and bins save space when not in use.

Use small baskets for items such as accessories, keys and batteries.


Door bags

Door bags maximize space.

Platforms allow shoes to be displayed.

Avoid placing shoes on wire shelves above clothing to prevent soiling.

Closet Storage Installation

To start your organization project, select a base piece and add accessories and components from there.

Tip: Be cautious when placing hooks to avoid putting them in an area where they can easily snag clothing when you reach into the closet.

Shelves that are unattached to the wall on one side leave room for taller items or stacked boxes.
Split the closet in half with a series of narrow shelves and install two rods on one side for hanging shorter items and one rod on the other side for longer items if you're in need of extra space for clothing.  

  • Use pre-configured shelves and railings to minimize the need for precise measurements.
  • Use cedar panels or blocks to repel bugs and keep your closet smelling fresh.
  • Utilize the backside of your closet door for extra space.