Top Lighting Trends

Innovative Trends in Residential and Commercial Lighting

LED Programmable Lights

Tunable white lighting is an increasingly popular trend in commercial lighting. Tunable lights can be programmed to different frequencies to be either bright white or warm golden. Use programmable lights property-wide for warm light in the lobby or bright light in a presentation room.

  • Adjust dimmer to cool variable white light at any time
  • Change light color to complement a room’s finish
  • Use memory settings to save your most frequently used colors and temperatures

Connected Lights

Bluetooth®- and WiFi-enabled lighting continues to evolve. The newest smart lights are compatible with hubs like Alexa and the Google Assistant, as well as smartphones. Smart bulbs do not require extra wiring, and some come with built-in networks so that they will not rely on your property Wi-Fi.

  • Supervise properties from anywhere with smart security light and camera combinations
  • Save money with Bluetooth-enabled combined speakers and lights
  • Integrate with motion sensors, wireless switches and other home tech

Bacteria-Killing Lights

Antibacterial lights are an emerging trend in business, education and healthcare facilities. They were introduced as antibacterial UV lights in the early 2010s. Today’s antibacterial LEDs are the latest advancement in that technology, improving efficiency in the compact size of LEDs.

  • Preserve health of students, employees or patients
  • Inhibit growth of molds and fungi1
  • Kill strep, e. coli and salmonella, among other bacteria1

Multi-Color Light Bulbs

Transform any lobby or display with colored LEDs. Modern colored bulbs are customizable and can be controlled from a smart device. Access to bulbs is shareable, and some LEDs integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

  • Enhance displays, signs or building exteriors
  • Create mood lighting in lobbies, waiting rooms and dining areas
  • Install in smart homes for tech-savvy homeowners

LED Horticulture Lights

Urban food warehouses, commercial nurseries and other businesses are adopting the use of horticulture LEDs. With controlled red spectrum lights, professionals and hobby gardeners alike stay productive beyond traditional growing seasons.

  • Maintain plant health without building a full greenhouse
  • Grow out-of-season plants any time of year
  • Use red spectrum light to induce flowering before the spring landscaping rush