Commercial Patio Guide


Outdoor living is a demonstrated revenue builder across industries. From poolside hotel patios to restaurant decks, profit from your commercial patio through comfortable decor and unique amenities.


Create Atmosphere

Foster a sense of community with your patio design, and upgrade bland outdoor furniture. Attractive outdoor spaces at businesses, restaurants and rental properties appeal to more guests.

Provide Amenities

Entice patio guests with outdoor kitchens, games, televisions and other amenities. Entertainment options create return visitors and increase satisfaction.

Design an All-Season Patio

Keep your deck or patio profitable during the cooler months by crafting an all-season experience. Make visitors comfortable with commercial patio heaters and seasonal activities like fire pits.

Prevent Pests

Ward off pests with routine cleaning and pest prevention. Food from outdoor kitchens and café patios attract small animals in addition to common insects.

Prepare for Weather

Maximize the usage of your outdoor spaces with patio covers and screens. The right enclosures protect guests and patio furniture from rain, wind and inclement weather.

Brighten the Space

Enhance your security with decorative lighting. Lights have the dual benefits of adding unique elements to the décor and improving safety. 

Protect Your Investment

Use sealants, stains and other solutions to protect from weather and repair damage. The right preventative maintenance dramatically extends the life of your deck or patio.