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Commercial Water Heaters

Choose the Right Commercial Water Heater

Ensure your business has reliable hot water for years to come with a commercial-grade water heater from The Home Depot. There are many choices of water heaters available on today's market, including electric, gas and tankless models. Determine which one is right for your business using these helpful selection tips.

Replacing with a New Model

Match key information like capacity and dimensions on your current water heater's label to new models to make sure you are choosing a compatible replacement. All commercial water heaters indicate gallon capacity, height, and diameter. If your old water heater is electric, note and match its wattage and voltage with the new model. If it uses gas, note and match the fuel type (typically gas or propane) and the exhaust vent diameter with the new model.


Water Heater Replacement Checklist


  •    - Gallon Capacity
  •    - Height & Diameter Dimensions



  •    - Wattage
  •    - Voltage



  •    - Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
  •    - Exhaust Vent Diameter



Choosing a Tankless Water Heater

Make the move to modern, tankless water heaters to save on future maintenance and energy costs. Gas and electric tankless water heaters cost less to run than their traditional counterparts. They also last longer-up to 20 years longer-and require minimal maintenance. Installation costs of newer tankless models are also similar to traditional heaters. Some models are even compatible with existing gas lines and ventilation stacks. In most cases, switching to a tankless water heater is a smart choice.


More Convenience

Tankless water heaters provide businesses with convenient, on-demand hot water. Because there is no tank to refill and heat, hot water never runs out.

Lower Cost  

Tankless water heaters reduce energy costs by 60% or more, offering substantial savings over their lifetime. They also require significantly less maintenance.

Higher Efficiency

Tankless units are more efficient because they only operate when hot water is needed. Traditional water heaters operate continuously to heat their tanks.

Save Space

Tankless systems are much more compact than their larger traditional counterparts, helping businesses conserve valuable space for storage or more appealing d├ęcor.

More Items to Consider


Consider larger-capacity water heaters for commercial applications. Increased capacities are also more appropriate for multifamily homes that feature oversized tubs.


Consider a self-cleaning electric water heater if you or your customers are dealing with hard water deposits. These models can minimize repairs and service calls.

Heat Output

Check the exhaust vents used by gas water heaters and ensure they can handle the increased heat or BTU output larger water heaters generate.


Double-check new water heaters to ensure they are compliant with 2015 NAECA energy-efficiency water heater regulations.