How Much Does it Cost to Install Garage Doors and Openers?

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Garage Door Installation

A dated or damaged garage door can negatively affect the overall appearance of a house. Replacing or repairing your garage door and its opener is often considered the top home improvement project in terms of return on investment. To help you stay on budget, The Home Depot has compiled this comprehensive cost guide for garage door repair and installation. 

New Garage Door and Opener Installation Costs

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Several factors contribute to the cost of garage door installation, including labor, the type of door opener used and the number of garage doors. Adding insulation to the garage door can also increase the cost.

Garage Door: Varies

  • 1 door:  $1,200 
  • 2 doors:  $2,400 
  • 3 doors:  $3,600

Garage door opener:  $390

Labor and installation:  $375

Average Total Cost:  

$1,965 - $4,365

Garage Door and Opener Repair Costs

Garage Door and Opener Repair Costs

If your budget doesn’t offer the flexibility to replace your garage doors and opener, or they have simply become damaged over time, you can opt to just repair them instead.

  • Labor:  $129
  • Door repairs:  $49 – $499
  • Opener repairs:  $49 – $299

Breakdown of Garage Door Installation Costs

Garage Door Material

Garage Door Material

  • Aluminum: $5,500 
  • Glass: $5,500 
  • Wood: $4,000 
  • Composite: $3,500 
  • Steel: $1,600
Garage Door Windows

Garage Door Windows

  • Clear glass: $300
  • Specialty glass: $500
Garage Door Accessories

Garage Door Accessories

  • Garage door handles: $100 each 
  • Additional accents: $250
Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

  • Opener: $128-$390 
  • Removal: $35

Many homeowners select an automatic garage door, which also requires the installation of a garage door opener. These will usually include smartphone connectivity and wireless operating features.

Breakdown of Garage Door Repair Costs

Garage Door Repair Parts

Garage door and opener repair costs depend on the scope of the damage and which parts are being fixed. 

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for repairing different parts of a garage door:

  • Springs: $250 
  • Track: $200 
  • Cables: $99 
  • Roller: $129 per door 
  • Sensor: $99 
  • Glass windows: $229
Garage Door Opener Repair

For garage door opener parts, you can expect to pay around $149. However, if the opener needs replacing, the prices are the same as buying new.

Garage Door Opener Repair:

  • Parts: $149 
  • Replacement opener: $390 
  • Replacement remote: $35

Why Choose the Home Depot

Homeowners enjoy an array of benefits when they choose professional garage door repairs and installation from The Home Depot. Our customers receive best-in-class warranties on labor and new materials, and we offer complimentary delivery and haul away in select areas, as well as vinyl perimeter sealing. For additional information regarding insulating your garage door, please visit our garage door insulation project guide.

By purchasing your garage door and opener through our Home Services program, you’re guaranteed expert installation by a local, licensed and insured professional who has undergone a thorough background check. Contact us today at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT for a free in-home consultation. Make sure to ask about our flexible financing options like project loans and specialized credit cards.

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