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How Much Does Walk-In Tub Installation Cost?

Walk-In Tub Installation Cost Guide

When mobility is a concern, a walk-in tub is a great solution. These deep tubs feature a door that swings open and offers easy access. The interior seat lets you comfortably sit in the water and makes it easy to get back up. Many walk-in tubs also have therapeutic features like whirlpool jets that offer a soothing massage.

Walk-In Tub Installation Services
Average Cost of Walk-In Tub Installation

On average, installing a new walk-in bathtub costs around $10,000 for the product, installation materials and labor. As with any home-improvement project, the cost of purchasing and installing a walk-in tub can vary greatly based on the product you choose and the current condition of the bathroom.

Types of Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs come in many different styles. Keep it basic with a compact soaking tub for around $3,000 or indulge in the supreme luxury of premium tubs that cost up to $20,000.

Soaking tubs: These walk-in tubs provide a relaxed place to sit. They may have some safety features, but their design is simple. The seats are made to provide comfort during long soaking sessions.

Air bath tubs: Air bath walk-in tubs direct bubbles to the water using a series of small holes around the tub. This gentle massage can help improve circulation. 

Hydrotherapy tubs: Also commonly referred to as whirlpool tubs, these walk-in tubs feature a series of jets that can massage tired muscles. These are not suitable for people with some heart and blood circulation issues, so check with your doctor before selecting hydrotherapy walk-in tubs.

Two-seater tubs: This spacious design provides two seats that typically face one another. The drain is located in the bottom center, and their larger size makes them suitable for more spacious bathrooms.

Combination tubs: If you're looking to customize your bathing experience from one day to the next, combination tubs are a great option. They can switch from an air bath style to a whirlpool tub with the change of a button.

Bariatric tubs: These tubs feature an extra-wide design to provide spacious comfort for larger users. Depending on the design, bariatric tubs can be soaking, air bath, whirlpool or a combination of these. These tubs are often wheelchair accessible as well.

Walk-in tub/shower combinations: When members of your home need the safety of a walk-in tub and others want the convenience of a fast shower, this is the ideal option.

Luxury tubs: Fine details set luxury walk-in tubs apart from the rest. These large, deep tubs are packed with thoughtful features and top-quality materials. Curved backrests, chromatherapy lights, adjustable water jets and custom settings are just a few of the features you're likely to find in luxury tub models.

Walk-In Tub
Features That May Affect Cost
Tub Grab Bar

Typically, a walk-in tub requires a space that's about 60-inches long and 30-inches wide. Exact measurements will vary based upon the tub you select. You also need to factor in the space needed for the door to swing out. If space is limited, some models are available with doors that swing in instead of out. The following design features included will impact the total cost:

  • Hydrotherapy & Whirlpool Features
  • Tub Material
  • Tub Size
  • Handheld Shower Head
  • Low-Step Threshold
  • Seat or Bench
  • Grab Bar
  • Door
Factors That Impact Installation

As with any home project, the factors surrounding the installation vary from home to home. The layout of your existing bathroom and the amount of retrofitting needed to install the tub will impact the final cost of your walk-in tub installation. Here are other factors that will impact the price:

  • Converting a shower
  • Plumbing re-routing
  • New drain locations
  • Permits
  • Electrical wiring costs
  • Old material disposal
  • New flooring and tiling
  • Unforeseen repairs
Walk-In Tub
Converting an Existing Shower to a Walk-In Tub

Most bathrooms are already outfitted with a shower or a tub/shower combination. Sometimes, walk-in tubs can be installed in the same alcove where you have an existing shower. This may reduce labor costs. 

As you consider installing a walk-in tub, also consider the additional ways you can make your bathroom more accessible. Adding safety railings near the toilet will help provide additional support as you lift on and off. If there is a rough transition between the bathroom and bedroom, a simple fix there could make rolling in a wheelchair easier.

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