How to Make a Challenge Coin Display

Make a DIY frame to display your challenge coins

Under 2 hours

Build a DIY wooden frame to proudly display your challenge coins with this workshop from The Home Depot.

What You Need

Measure and mark
Someone marking a spot on a piece of wood using a tape measure.

Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the wood and moulding according to the cut list.

Cut List:

• One 14- x 18-inch back piece (from the 2- x 2-foot plywood)
• Two 14-inch sections (from the 1- x 2-inch x 8-foot lumber)
• Two 16 1/2-inch sections (from the 1- x 2-inch x 8-foot lumber)
• Six 12 1/2-inch sections (from the 8-foot moulding)

An illustrated cut diagram that lays out the cut list.
Cut boards
A man cutting a circular saw to cut a piece of wood.

Use a circular saw to make the cuts on the plywood and moulding. 

Tip: Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

Stain or paint boards
A man using a rag to stain a piece of wood red.

Stain or paint the boards prior to assembly if desired.

Build frame
A man drilling pieces of a blue wood frame together.

• Build a rectangular frame out of the 1- x 2-inch board by sandwiching the long sides between the short sides. 
• Secure with a brad nailer. 
• Place the plywood back on top of the frame (painted side down) and secure with brad nails through the back.

Attach shelves
A man using a drill to attach white shelves into a blue and red shelving unit.

• Stand the box on short end. 
• Start at the bottom and secure moulding flush with the bottom of the frame  (make sure moulding is lip side up.)
• Evenly space the remaining shelves and secure with brad nails.