Refinishing a Pressure-Treated Deck

Keep your deck looking great by refinishing the pressure-treated wood correctly

1-2 hours
Refinishing a Pressure-Treated Deck

When refinishing wood outdoors, you have two main choices of finish. Sealers prevent wood from absorbing water and delay the weathering process, while stains color and seal the wood. Semitransparent stains or sealers work best on pressure-treated lumber. Avoid direct sunlight when you're working and don't apply a new finish if rain is expected within 24 hours.

This guide highlights the processes for sanding, cleaning and refinishing your deck.

What You'll Need

Sand off the current sealer or stain on the wood
Sand off current sealer - Pressure-Treated Deck

Use an orbital sander to remove any gloss and smooth out any rough areas on decking boards, railings or stair treads. Always be sure to wear a dust mask and eye goggles to protect your eyes when sanding treated wood.

Thoroughly vacuum the deck, and then apply sealant
Thoroughly vacuum deck - Pressure-Treated Deck

Thoroughly vacuum the deck, then apply staining sealer to all deck wood with a pressure sprayer or paint roller. Treat the understructure first, then exposed surfaces.

Spray or roll on the sealer or stain
Spray or roll on sealer or stain  - Pressure-Treated Deck

Spray or roll on the sealer or stain. Use a paintbrush to smooth out any drips and runs. Porous wood may require a second coat of staining sealer for even coverage.