How to Patch a Lawn with Seed


Thin or bare areas of a lawn can be filled in with seed and diligent watering

Patch a Lawn with Seed

There are many things that can impact the health of your lawn, including drought, standing water, pets, foot traffic and a variety of accidents. Even the healthiest lawns need a little help now and then.

The best way to repair any problem areas is to patch them with seed. Here’s how.


Prepare soil
Prepare soil - How to Patch a Lawn with Seed

• Prepare the soil by removing weeds and damaged grass, enlarging the area about 6 inches beyond the problem spot.
• Prepare the soil as thoroughly as you would if you were replanting a new lawn.
• Turn the soil over to a depth of 6 inches and remove any roots or rocks.
• Add some compost or well-rotted manure and mix well into the soil.
• Smooth over with a ground rake and lightly tamp the soil with your hands.

Sow seeds
Sow seeds - How to Patch a Lawn with Seed

• Sow seed at the rate recommended on the package and scatter by hand or with a spreader.
• Rake to cover with a thin layer of soil.
• Cover the seed with a light layer of wheat straw.

Patch with sod
Patch with sod - How to Patch a Lawn with Seed

• Cut the sod to fit the size and shape of the patch. Position a small piece on the patch.
• If the sod seems higher than the surrounding lawn, remove a little soil out of the patch, smooth, and try again.
• Walk gently on top of the area to make sure that the sod roots have good contact with the soil.

Water lawn
Water lawn - How to Patch a Lawn with Seed

• Gently water new seeds with the mist attachment of a sprayer or a gentle sprinkler.
• Water sod with a more powerful spray.
• Both seeds and sod need to be soaked to a depth of 4 inches the first day, followed by daily, or even twice daily, watering until well-established.