Hanging Rope Shelf

2-4 hours

Function and style tie together with this DIY shelf solution

Hanging Rope Shelf

If you need to spice up a wall while adding storage space, add an unexpected element – rope! Build this unique DIY shelf using only rope, a few boards and a dowel rod.

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Measure and mark pieces
Measure and mark pieces - Hanging Rope Shelf

• Measure and mark the 1 x 8-inch x 8-foot board into three 30-inch-long sections for the shelves.
• Measure and mark the 1/2 x 1/2 x 48-inch hardwood dowel rod into eight 2-inch sections to be used as height adjusters in the rope.

Cut all pieces
Cut all pieces - Hanging Rope Shelf

• Use a circular saw to cut along the marks you just made.
• Paint or stain and allow to dry

Paint or stain the shelves to your preference.
Paint or stain shelves your preference - Hanging Rope Shelf

Allow all pieces to thoroughly dry prior to assembly.

Measure and mark holes
Measure and mark holes - Hanging Rope Shelf

On each of the three shelves, measure and mark 1.5 inches in from all four corners.

Drill holes
Drill holes - Hanging Rope Shelf

Using the 1-inch spade drill bit, drill holes through the boards at the corner marks.

Tie knots
Tie knots - Hanging Rope Shelf

Tie a knot at one end of both 10-foot rope pieces.

Thread rope and tie
Thread rope and tie - Hanging Rope Shelf

Tip: Wrap tape around the unknotted end of both ropes for easier threading through the holes.

• Using the unknotted end of both ropes, thread the rope through the front left hole of all three shelves, starting from beneath the bottom shelf.
• At the top shelf, cross the rope over and thread it through the back right hole of all three shelves. Leave plenty of slack at the top for hanging.
• Thread the second rope through the front right hole of all three shelves and then cross over at the top and back down through the back left hole of all shelves.

Level the shelves
Level the shelves - Hanging Rope Shelf

Before tying off the rope sections in knots beneath the bottom shelf, make sure the rope slack at the top is about the same for both sections.

Insert dowels
Insert dowels - Hanging Rope Shelf

Pierce the rope with the 2-inch dowel pieces beneath each hole of the top two shelves. Space the height between shelves at your discretion.

Hang from ceiling
Hang from ceiling - Hanging Rope Shelf

Hang the shelving from the two slack pieces at the top using a hook of your choosing. Make sure the hook you select can hold the weight you plan to place on the shelves.