Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

Choosing a real versus an artificial Christmas tree depends on personal preference

Real and Artificial Christmas Tress

Consider the benefits of both real and artificial Christmas trees when deciding which option is best for you and your family.

Benefits of Real Trees

You can order real Christmas trees online at or buy them at your local Home Depot store.

  • Initially less expensive
  • Each tree is unique and different styles can be selected each year
  • Tree shopping is a fun, family tradition
  • Trees are biodegradable
  • Renewable, recyclable, and environmentally sound choice
  • Trees offer a refuge and natural habitat for wildlife

Caring for Real Christmas Trees

  • Display trees in water to maintain freshness and minimize needle loss
  • Place tree in water as soon as possible
  • Use a large tree stand to keep tree from tipping
  • Don’t whittle down sides of a tree trunk to fit a stand because the outer layers of wood are the most efficient in taking up water
  • Keep trees away from sources of heat to keep them from drying out
  • Consider using a small wire to anchor tree to a corner wall for stability
  • Check the stand daily to be sure the water level doesn’t go below the base
  • Always turn off tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed
  • Recycle your tree after the holidays at The Home Depot

Benefits of Artificial Trees

Artificial trees can also be purchased online or in store.

  • Last up to 10 years and are easily stored and reused
  • Easier to set up and maintain
  • Pay for tree only once for cost savings over time
  • Less of a fire hazard
  • Coordinates with other holiday décor items found at The Home Depot such as wreaths, garlands and display items