How to Adjust an Uneven Garage Door

Under 2 hours

Keep your garage running smoothly year after year with this simple maintenance step

Adjust an Uneven Garage Door

An out-of-balance garage door can close too quickly, creating a potential hazard for kids and pets and placing unnecessary strain on the door’s parts. This guide will teach you how to adjust an uneven garage door to keep it running safely and smoothly.



Test the door
Test the door - Adjust Uneven Garage Door

• Move the garage door up and down until you find a place where the door stays suspended when you let go.
• If that point is more than four-feet or less than three-feet above the ground, you will need to balance the door.

Brace the open door
Brace the open door - Adjust Uneven Garage Door

• Keep the door open, a few feet off the ground, as this takes the pressure off the door springs.
• Put a ladder under the door to make sure it won’t close accidentally while you’re working on it.

Move the spring within the track hanger
Move the spring hanger - Adjust Uneven Garage Door

Safety: To avoid injury, make sure the spring is completely free of tension before removing.

• Once the spring is free of tension, remove from its track hanger.
• If the door was closing too quickly, move the spring to the next higher hole on the bracket.
• If it was opening too quickly, move it to the next lower hole.
• Adjust the springs on both sides of the door the same way.
• Retest the door balance, as you did in Step 1.

Check that the door closes evenly
Check door closes evenly - Adjust Uneven Garage Door

• Close the door and use a level to determine that it’s hitting the ground levelly on both sides.
• If it doesn't, adjust the spring tension on each side of the door until it does.

Adjust the lift cable
Adjust the lift cable  - Adjust Uneven Garage Door

• To make fine adjustments, try adjusting the lifting cable instead of the spring.
• The cable is attached to the door and runs to an S-hook that attaches to the track support.
• With the door propped open, take the S-hook out of the support, and tighten or loosen the cable as needed.