Building Your Own Tailgate Toss Game

Have fun at your tailgate by learning how to your own toss game

2-4 hours
Own Tailgate Toss Game

It wouldn't be game day without a tailgate toss. This guide will teach you how to build your own set. Whether you're taking it to the stadium or playing at home, it’s a great way to have some fun while you’re waiting for kickoff.

What You Need

Cut the plywood

• Cut a 48"x48" piece of plywood into two pieces that are 24" x 48".
• Next, cut the two 24" x 24" pieces of plywood into two pieces that are 12" x 24".

Cut a circle

Cut a circle in the 24" x 48" pieces. Place the center of the circle 15" from the top and 12" from the sides. The diameter of the circle should be 6 1/2".

Make U-shape cuts

Cut the two 12" x48" pieces to resemble a U shape. When cutting, start 6" in from both sides and then 7" in from the bottom.

Insert screws

Screw the U-shape stands to the main boards 6" from the top of the boards. Use two hinges per stand.

Sand and prime

• Sand all surfaces to prevent splintering and to make it easier for paint to adhere.
• Next, prime your board with one to two coats of primer before you start painting.

Paint the boards

Show off your spirit by painting your boards in your school's colors, to find the right paint colors, go to

Safety tips

Use appropriate safety gear and follow proper safety procedures when building.

• Wear hearing and eye protection when using all power tools.
• Wear eye protection and a dusk mask when cutting lumber.
• Wear gloves and work boots when handling lumber. DO NOT wear gloves when operating power saws.
• Use GFCI-protected power cords when operating power tools outdoors.
• Observe all warning labels on supplies and follow instructions when using any tool or equipment.

How To Play Tailgate Toss

• Tailgate Toss can be played as doubles or singles.
• In singles play, both contestants pitch from the same platform. In doubles play, one member of each team pitches from one platform and the other members pitch from the other platform.
• Every Tailgate Toss match is broken down into innings. An inning isn't completed until all players pitch their four bean bags.

Bags in the hole are worth 3 points.
Bags on the platform are worth 1 point.
Bags anywhere else are not scored.

Note: If a bean bag touches the ground before coming to rest on the platform, it's considered a foul and must be removed from the platform prior to the continuation of play.

Length of Play
• Matches should be played until the first team reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of an inning.
• The game can not end mid-inning. The other side should be allowed to pitch all of their bean bags.
• If the match is tied at 21 or more at the end of an inning, play continues until one team or the other achieves a higher score at the end of an inning and wins the match.