How to Make a Hanging Basket Planter

Create a new way to display your plants with a hanging basket arrangement

Under 2 hours
How to create hanging flower baskets

A fresh plant can bring life to almost any space in your home. Whether you’re introducing new foliage to the patio or living room, the right arrangement can make a big difference. Create a unique twist on standard hanging baskets by hanging them at different levels and in a creative pattern.

Read our simple steps below to learn how to make your own.

What You Need

fill with potting soil
how-to create hanging flower baskets step 1

Fill the hanging basket with potting mix.

plant flowers
how-to create hanging flower baskets step 2

Plant the flowers in the basket to your liking.

secure hooks

Attach the hanging basket to the ceiling by securing a hook in the beam.

Tip: Drill a pilot hole slightly smaller in diameter than the hook you select.

arrange baskets
how-to create hanging flower baskets step 4

• Arrange other baskets in an interesting and structured way to create a wall of hanging baskets. Get creative!
• Use the chain to vary the height of the each basket as desired.