How to Cut Down a Tree

Cut down a tree quickly and safely using a chainsaw

2-4 hours
How to cut down a tree

Cutting down, or "felling" a tree, is a simple task when you have the correct tools. This guide will teach you how to use a chainsaw to cut down dead or unwanted trees.

What You Need





work gloves

Work gloves



  • Chainsaw
Prepare for cutting

• Examine the terrain of the area surrounding the tree and pick which way is safest for the tree to fall, or the "felling direction."
• Tie a rope near the top of the tree, or at least five feet above where you’re going to cut the notch. Make sure that the end of the rope reaches the ground.

cut the first notch

• Use a chainsaw to cut a notch in the felling direction. Do this by cutting a triangle-shaped piece out of the tree, more than halfway through the tree. When the wedge is removed, the open gap should face the tree’s felling direction.
• Cut this notch a few feet up from the ground, about knee-level.