Installing a Closet Organizer System


Give your closet a makeover and improve storage space with a new closet organizer system

Installing a Clost Organizer System

If you’re looking for a quick-fix solution to your closet clutter, installing a closet organizer system is a great option. This guide will walk you through the basic installation process for most closet organizer systems.

Tip: Many different manufacturers make different styles of closet organizer systems, but their components and attachment systems aren't always compatible with each other. To be safe, stick with the same brand for any single installation.


Mark the wall
Mark wall - Clost Organizer System

• Measure up from the floor for the desired height of the first shelf, and mark the wall with a pencil
• Use a carpenter's level to mark a horizontal reference line all around the closet at this height.

Mount the shelf unit
Mount shelf unit - Install Blinds or Shades

• Mount the shelf unit by attaching the mounting clips with screws driven directly into the wall studs.
• Refer to the manufacturer's directions for the correct spacing of the mounting clips.
• If necessary, use hollow-wall anchors to fasten the clips between wall studs.
• Attach diagonal shelf supports where they're needed, again referring to the manufacturer's directions.