How To Install a Pressure Relief Valve

1-2 hours

Replace your water heater's pressure valve in two easy steps

Install a Pressure Relief Valve

When water is heated, pressure builds up in the tank. If this pressure is too great, a rupture could occur. A pressure relief valve serves as a check valve to automatically open and relieve the pressure. Most water heaters now come with one, but if yours doesn't, then you'll have to install one and occasionally replace it. Consult your local Home Depot to find the valve that will fit your water heater.


Prep the fitting threads
Prep the fitting threads - Install Pressure Relief Valve

Wrap the threads of the pressure-relief valve clockwise with Teflon tape or apply piping compound.

Attach the valve to the water heater
Attach valve water heater - Install Pressure Relief Valve

• Connect the relief valve to the opening in the water heater with a pipe wrench or an adjustable wrench
• Measure the distance from the relief valve to the floor.
• Cut lengths of CPVC pipe to match the ones you're replacing, as long as they extend to within 3-inches of the floor.
• Connect the pipe and elbow to the pressure-relief valve.