Installing a Whole-House Water Filter

1-2 hours

A quick add-on that helps remove dangerous impurities for cleaner and safer showers and tap water

Installing a Whole-House Water Filter

A whole-house water filter will filter out various water impurities that can potentially get into your household water supply, such as chlorine, fluoride, perchlorates, pesticides, etc. The result is your water will be cleaner and healthier, so you can enjoy great tasting tap water and save money by not having to buy bottled water. Plus, you won’t have to shower or bathe in water that is impure.

This guide details a whole-house filter installation near the water shutoff valve.


Choose location for the filter
Choose location filter - Installing Whole-House Water Filter

Choose a location that is accessible so you can access the unit to change out the filters. Consider a site that is near the shutoff value.

Cut the pipe and install new shutoff valve
install shutoff valve - Installing Whole-House Water Filter

• Shut off the water supply to the house.
• Cut into the water supply line near the shutoff valve. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you cut away enough pipe to accommodate the filter, the new shutoff valve and any connecting fittings.
• Install a shutoff valve on the house side of the supply line. If you are sweating the valve, remove the insides of the valve before applying heat.

Assemble the parts and mark for cutting
Assemble parts cutting - Installing Whole-House Water Filter

• Dry-fit as many fittings as possible. You may need an adaptor on either side of the filter in order to join your size and type of pipe.
• Mark the final piece for cutting by holding the pipe in place against the end of the shutoff valve.

Install the filter
Install filter - Installing Whole-House Water Filter

• For each connection, slide on a nut, and then slide the compression rings in place snuggly and tighten the nuts.
• Turn the water back on and check for leaks.

Add a jumper cable if needed
jumper cable needed - Installing Whole-House Water Filter

• Check to see whether your electrical panel has its ground wire attached to the pipe or to a rod driven into the ground. If the ground wire is attached to the pipe, you will need to add a jumper cable to restore an important safety feature that prevents the filter from interrupting the ground path.
• Install grounding clamps on either side of the filter and run a thick wire from clamp to clamp and secure tightly.