How to Install, Program or Reset a Ceiling Fan Remote

Learn how to install a ceiling fan remote to control fan settings from a distance

Under 2 hours
ceiling fan remote

A universal ceiling fan remote control can be programmed to adjust the settings on various different fans. Programming one only requires a few simple tools and a bit of patience. Keep reading for guided steps on ceiling fan remote installation and more.

What You Need

Install the Ceiling Fan Remote Receiver

• Before you begin, set the fan speed to high. If it’s equipped with a light source, make sure the pull chain turns the light to the on position.
• Turn the wall switch to the off position. For added electrical safety, flip the breaker switch and turn off the main power supply.
• Use a step ladder to reach the base of the fan. Remove the canopy by unfastening the external screws with a screwdriver.
• Install the wireless ceiling fan control receiver into the base. Wiring will vary according the manufacturer. It may also change if the fan includes a light or your wall has a separate switch for the light and fan motor. You may not need to use all the included wires. 
• Follow the instruction manual that came with your unit to connect the wires and adjust the ceiling fan dip switch settings to match those found on the remote control.
• Re-assemble the canopy.

Program the Ceiling Fan Remote

• After you’ve installed the receiver, insert batteries into the remote control.
• Pair the receiver by powering on the fan and pressing the startup buttons according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will vary according to the brand you’ve chosen.
• Test all the settings to make sure the installation is correct and the device is working properly.

How to Reset a Ceiling Fan Remote

• If your ceiling fan remote or wall ceiling fan control device has suddenly stopped working, it is likely related to the frequency settings.
• First, follow the button reset instructions that came with your ceiling fan remote control.
• If the button reset doesn’t work, disassemble the canopy and check the dip switch settings. Make sure the numbers on the base align with the numbers inside the remote control.
• Tighten any loose wires and make sure all connections are properly in position.
• If none of these solve the issue, the receiver or ceiling fan switch may have failed. Contact the manufacturer for warranty information or replacement options.

Tip: Before you dismantle the canopy at the base of the fan, double check the batteries inside the remote control and replace them if needed.